Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Druha Rika - New Album

The band Druha Rika has been around the music scene in Ukraine since 1996, and symbolically they are putting out a tenth anniversary album called Dennich, a play on words for DayNight. All but the title track, Dennich, of the 13 track album is new, other material was selected material from their previous albums which include Ya Ye [2000], Dva [2003] and Rekordy [2005]. Not sure which label it is out on but I would suspect, that they are still signed with Lavina Music.

While I haven't heard the entire album, I did find a copy of the title track on the Nashe Radio website new song section, with a strict warning that if you download the track and keep a copy of it after you have become familiar with it, you will be infringing on the author's copyright and you will be accountable before any current legislation.

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