Monday, January 15, 2007

Malanka - Kyiv

This past Saturday I attended the traditional Old New Year, Malanka, celebration at Ukrainian House in Kyiv and hosted by L'vivske Tovarystvo in Kyiv. Entertainment was provided by a number of different musicians including Pikardijska Tertsia, Taras Chubay, and Oleh Skrypka and his Retro Orchestra along with a few other lesser known acts.

It was good to spend a little time talking with Chubaj, Vsevelod Diachyshyn his bass player whom I have known for years and Bohdan Bohach whom I have known longer but it took him quite some time to recall where we had met, way back in 1991.

All performances were a pleasure, including the sing a longs which are not uncommon for Taras Chubaj to pull off. There was plenty of good company and a couple of die hards were their to the bitter end. The invitations did say until the last tram!

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