Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Another digression... Rule of Brute Force

Once again I diverge, as there is just no other thing to do when the situation in Ukraine is as it is. To say the least it things are a little tense. For the most part the taxi drivers I talk to in this city and there are plenty of them are usually a pretty good pulse of what is going on in any metropolitan city in the world. Last night one of the drivers, Dima, who I have known quite well for a number of years said to me. "The guys from Donetsk do not want to give up power, and right now they seem to be doing what they want with no respect of any accepted principles!"  This led to a short but brief conversation on democracy, the way Canadians understand it, and the way most of the civilized world understands it.

Well it may seem that I am saying that Ukraine is not part of the civilized world and to some degree I am saying just that, but really it is not directed at the thousands who froze on Maidan for the principles of democracy and fairness, but it is directed at those individuals who for the last two days have been sitting in the Verkhovna Rada with the sole intent of maintaining the power which came to be theirs through lies, deceit, bribery and a number of other mechanisms which are far from being considered as democratic means.

Just a few minutes ago I came across an article on Ukrainska Pravda by Serhiy Balan. Many of the points he made, drew me back to my discussion with Dima the taxi driver the other night and what he had said. In particular Balan's following observation:

У демократичній країні уряд, який згідно з Конституцією є відповідальним перед президентом, ніколи б не порушив його указу, а самостійно пішов би у відставку.

Провідні партії – члени парламентської коаліції – продемонстрували повне нерозуміння й онтологічне неприйняття норм демократії про відповідальність партій перед своїм електоратом.

Given the way many of them ended up in the Verkhovna Rada, or their loyalty to the Party of Regions, the Communists or Socialists it is no surprise whatsoever that they would have no respect for the law. We have good old Pyotr Symonenko who denies that the Holodomor ever took place, Moroz who sold out to the Party of Regions, and the Party of Regions which is backed by a clan of criminals with a rapist in the seat of Prime Minister.  These people are not only immoral they can only think one way. They use brute force to get what they want. The people living in Donetsk region are captives of these thugs - a word against the Party of Regions is dealt with brutally.


  1. I suppose the real test for those "picketing" will be the coming cold. The rates for staying on Maidan will either go up or the crowd will start thinning down, hm.

  2. Hmm... Well there isn't much of a chance of the weather dropping to the temperatures experienced at the end of 2004.