Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Web Radio At Risk

Today as I was doing my regular scanning of FDR a Ukrainian site which specializes in providing music news to Ukrainian radio stations, I came across the following news item:

"15 травня у Сполучених Штатах вступить у дію закон Комітету з захисту авторських прав у Вашингтоні, The Copyright Royalty Board, за яким мережеві радіостанції повинні будуть відраховувати величезні суми за трансляцію музики у мережі. Проблема у тому, що податки складають більше 100% заробітку навіть найбільших мережевих радіостанцій. Цей закон просто на просто уб’є незалежне інтернет-радіо. Як новий закон може вплинути на мережеве радіо у Європі та у нас, на даний момент не відомо."

This will have an effect on the ability of how small radio stations will be able to operate, which include many small radio stations which offer Ukrainian programming.

Anyone who is interested in supporting this initiative, please spend a little time to visit the site at and let your congressmen know.

While I'm Canadian, I know that this will have its repercussions north of the 49th parallel as well as other parts of the world, including Ukraine.

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  1. This sadly illustrates that oligarchs operate everywhere in the world.

    The problem seems to be that in emerging democracies like Ukraine, citzens can recognize self-serving oligarchs, but still don't have the means (computers, confidence) to stop them.

    In the U.S. and other established democracies, citizens have the means to stop them, they just don't seem to recognize them for what they are.

    Which leaves the oligarchs free to run roughshod in either milieu.

    What will it take, I wonder, to change things? Maybe a good start would be developing a stronger commitment to the concept of "razom nas bahato" ...