Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Pillaging of Ukraine

Recently while walking along Kyiv's streets I have seen posters for Yosef Kobzon's anniversary concert in Kyiv. I am seeing this guy's ugly mug everywhere, and I can't believe that in Donetsk they even put up a statue to the guy, who heads one of the few clans which control Russia's contemporary music industry. I wonder just how much money the guy is going to take out of Ukraine without paying any taxes. Good sources claim that Russia horded 500 million dollars out of Ukraine without paying dime one in 2006.


  1. by the way that "robot" hair cut is really a tupae heh


    how about a topic on a wonderful DVD i just bought "Lviv - kolyska velykyh" + "Spokij Lychakova", standing in line in front of me was Alexandr Rozenbaum checking out what I was purchasing, (he's touring Brighton Beach this month)... ;)

  2. Kasia,

    It is incredible how quickly pirates work. I know of the DVD, and in fact the second film on the DVD was done by my partner back in the early 1990s.

  3. Regarding, last October my partner and I drove to Zakarpattia with Yuriy Hnatkovsky. I heard the first recording of this project as we drove. It is a different take on some traditional melodies so well known in North America.

  4. Oh dear, it looks like I should stop playing tunes on my program from that CD he did with Taisia Povalij?