Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A little bit more about me

Well it isn't every day that we get interviewed either for one thing or another, but having been here in Ukraine for some time I have become a certain figure in certain circles.

A couple of weeks ago I received a phone call from a friend who mentioned that she knew someone who had heard a lot about me but hadn't had a chance to actually meet me and talk about things. So a few days latter we decided to meet. I guess the one thing that may have jinxed out interview was that I had recalled an interview I had once conducted. When I returned to the office, I had found that my MiniDisc was blank. I ended up reconstructing the interview from memory, and before giving it to my editor I bounce the whole thing off the person I had interviewed. He called me a little while later and said, "It's perfect!"

Well the person that interviewed me ended up e-mailing me a few days later to inform me that only the first two questions had been recorded and asked me if we could meet again, and said she would make it quick.

If you are interested, and can read Ukrainian, you can see the interview conducted with me for Ne bud' bayduzhym.


  1. Funny how history repeats itself, eh?

    But as the saying goes, all's well that ends well!

  2. Pawlina, yes, history does repeat itself and unfortunately politicians for the most part and mankind in general forget this.

    Olechko! Thank-you...

  3. Ой дякую, дякую - бачу з’явилися слідуючі передачі... ваша фан зона росте! Ріспект!!!