Thursday, July 5, 2007

Music, life, discussion and FUN

That is what listeners of Kyiv's Radio Continent 94.2 FM are in for every Friday during their drive home, wrapping up things at work or simply just listening to a station that was once a bastion of free news prior to being shut down on March 3, 2004 when it was broadcast on the 100.9 frequency.

Prior to Ukraine's Independence Day celebration in 2006 I received an e-mail from an old friend Serhiy Sholokh who said his radio station was to start broadcasting again on Independence Day. He was right... They came out but under a completely different format.

Early this spring I finally saw Serhiy once again at a press conference at UNIAN, after a journalist friend had told me that Serhiy was looking for me. A lot of time had passed since he fled Ukraine back in February of 2004. We discussed what he was doing with his station, and I started to tell him some of my plans for my business. As a result, this Friday July 6, after many months of planning and discussions our very own show called Skhidna liha will be airing at 17:15 [Kyiv time] on Radio Continent as well as via their multimedia server. The show will be rebroadcast on Saturday mornings at 11:15 for those who missed the original broadcast. If the musical intro doesn't wake listener's up, I am not sure what will.

I think anyone in Kyiv who manages to listen to the show will clearly understand that our approach is nothing like the approach to radio that many of the FM stations in Kyiv have. Hosted by my business partner Rostyslav Shtyn, and his side kick William Patrickovych, I am sure that anyone who listens, and likes good music will enjoy this program. If you do listen, and enjoy it, let your friends know.

Just like the title of this entry suggests, the program is all about Music, Life, Discussion and FUN. Tune in!


  1. Хоч би хтось небайдужий записав на сервер передачу... and I’d love to tell my friends :T

  2. Kasia,

    The first radio program of Skhidna lihawill be available from my firm's server once I get it uploaded... Last week was just too crazy.


  3. Kasia,

    Well just so you know...The program is up.. You can find a link to it at Skidna liha.

    Enjoy and listen.

  4. THANKS A BUNCH!!! зараз почну дістрібюшн лінку по сайбер павутинні гиги.

  5. cool! I met Serhiy briefly in DC a few years back. He was till carrying around his old radio Continent business cards... glad to see this project going!!

  6. Olechko,

    If you like maybe, we, you and I can meet with Serhiy in person if you like. Let me know...