Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Word gets around

As a fellow blogger Pawlina once wrote me there is nothing wrong with shameless self promotion. This being the case and anyone who hasn't listened to our first three Skhidna liha programs, you can check them out on Muzon.


  1. Shameless self-promotion ... yesss!!! Bring it on, give me more! ;-)

    Very nicely done program, Vasyl, congrats to both you and Rostyslav.

    I was quite amused to note, however,that your program is basically the "mirror image" of mine in terms of language vs content and music. *S*

  2. Why not continue through podcast? It’s pretty convenient, except the time it takes to upload… Anyhow thanks again for the show and happy belated birthday(s)!

  3. Pawlina, Thanks!

    I have passed copies of our first five programs to Irene B. via a friend of mine in Ottawa who was here. I gave Irene a heads up about this and I hope that they can get passed along to Irene.

    Kasia, we are busy with many different projects including the further development of our website to incorporate the use of such technologies. I'm glad you enjoyed the shows so far... In fact last week's show was hosted by William Patrykovych on his own.