Thursday, January 31, 2008

Good News for Ukraine's only Salsa Band disLOCAdos

In the fall of 2006 I met Karolina Patocki a Polish Canadian who had relocated to Kyiv as part of her professional career. We had met through a common friend who had been working here some time earlier. Some time after Karolina had settled in she was like usual getting in tune with the city she decided to get involved in a musical project which over time became very much part of her life.

By the time her contract with her employer had ended she was sing at a number of different clubs with what was then known as the Kyiv Salsa Kings... I mix of various musicians in Ukraine's capital, but not necessarily from Kyiv, who had a love for salsa music.

Sometime in the spring the band went a re-branding so to speak.. Karolina even consulted with me regarding the new name of the band.

The band started writing their own material, with Karolina, who had studied in Madrid, writing the lyrics... and Ilya, whose last name excapes me now, writing the music.

Today I informed Karolina to join our group on Multiply as a result of having forgotten to inform her of the Monopoly voting. Shortly thereafter she sent me some good news. disLOCAdos' original music will be given airplay on a station in Puerto Rico.... Congrats...

The hosts of "Salsoteca" a program on Puerto Rico have have expressed an extreme interest in their songs, and have agreed to play them on the radio!

You can listen via the internet. It's every Sunday 1-3pm Puerto Rico time. In Kyiv, that means on Sunday from 7pm-9pm. Listen LIVE here:

So welcome Karolina to our group and if you love salsa ... tune in...

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