Thursday, July 24, 2008

Shooting for Koktebel

Last Saturday after meeting someone, retreating from the rain and to use the WiFi at a little place called Kupidon that I frequent, I was sitting there drinking tea and taking care of some correspondence. Oddly enough at about 12:00 in walks a friend of mine Yevhenia Sakharova. Yevhenia, for nearly the last two years or so has been performing on Saturday nights at Kupidon, and continues to perform there regularly. However, to see her at this time was kind of odd as she usually goes on at 21:00.

Well today was going to be something a little different, she had decided with her and her guitarists that they were going to do a photo shoot. After the shoot she told me that she needed some help to set up a site on MySpace. The reason for this she told me was to be able to participate at the Koktebel Jazz Festival this September.

Yevhenia has over the time that I have known her developed quite a bit professionally. When she first was on stage she was shy with little eye contact with the audience, now she has fewer problems with that and continues to develop her repertoire of lounge, bosanova and jazzy improvisations of traditional Ukrainian pieces.

While set up a simple site on MySpace can be fairly simple, its not always clear on how to merge a personal profile with a artist's profile. This I finally accomplished with Yevhenia at Kupidon on Tuesday evening. As a result she has a site on MySpace which can found at:

I think you all may enjoy Corcovado in Ukrainian the first song she uploaded and a couple of the other of the tunes she has put up.

But more important is let's help Zhennia get to the Koktebel Jazz Festival by voting for her. In order to do so you have to visit the and register. Yes the form is in Russian, but that is a moot point at this time. Once registered, you can go to the voting section and go to Дуэт Сахарова и Бондарь (Sakharova Bondar Duet) and cast your vote.

Let's help Zhennia and Hennadiy get to Koktebel. I believe they have to be in the top ten positions in order to be selected.

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