Saturday, October 4, 2008

Musician Ties the Knot

While sitting working on my last blog posting my mobile rang, and like most people I checked to see who was calling... The display read: Олена Мацюцька... Well, here was a friend of mine that I hadn't heard from for ages... I answered it...

Well, here for the benefit of English language readers, I will continue in translated mode.

"Hi Vasylku! Where are you right now. I've just finished work and haven't seen you in ages! Where are you right now?"

"Olenka, good to hear from you! I'm sitting at Kupidon."

"Will you be there for awhile? Say... another half hour or so?"


"Great! I'll see you soon!"

So I continued with my blog post and was finishing up with inserting the photos when Olena Matsyutska walks in to Kupidon. As usual, it was the three kisses and hugs as a greeting then she joined me at my table. Last time I had spoken to her or seen her she was talking about planning her vacation.

It took all of about 32 seconds for me to notice her fidgeting with the bright gold wedding band on her right hand. Yes, in this part of the world those who are married wear their wedding bands on their right hand's.

I smiled at Olenka and said, "You must had some vacation and thanks for the invitation!"

Then added... "So when did you and Dem get married?"

She didn't mention a date but went right into a long narrative about her wedding to Oleksandr Demyanenko and how the priest was a gem, and many other little details. Sort of like when Dem didn't quite sip from the chalice but gulped, and the priest's comments to him during the ceremony regarding this.

Now I will digress in order to put things into context for those who are not on top of either the music or mass media scene here in Ukraine. My friend Olena Matsyutska is a news journalist on 1+1 TV and her, now husband, Oleksandr Demyanenko is guitarist with Haydamaky.

She then continued on how they had visited Ternopil.

"Vasyliu, have you ever been to the Stariy Mlyn (Old Mill) restaurant in Ternopil?"

"Sure, and not cousin even supplies them with young potatoes! I love the place!"

Olenka went on to describe how Dem had gone out side to smoke while at the Old Mill, and then the waitress approached her and said, "Excuse me, I know who you are. I see you on the news all the time, and I know I recognize your husband, but I can't remember where from?"

Olenka continued, "When I told her she just laughed, and replied!"

"I knew that I knew him from somewhere!"

Well it wasn't long before the regular crowd of friends shuffled in and before long we had all the usual suspects sitting around the same table, and had a few drinks for Olenka and Oleksandr having saved money on their wedding present we could afford to do so. We all asked where Sashko was, and she told us Haydamaky were in Germany performing at Ukrainian Days there. A few drinks later, we were all ready to leave!

Upon paying our bills my friends Yevhen, Viktor, Olenka and I walked out of Kupidon and said our good-byes as Viktor went one way and we went the other. Yevhen and walked together with Olenka down to Khreschatyk Street. And like many times before walked arm in arm with Olenka along Khreschytyk street and hailed a cab for her. I look forward to see Oleksandr back in town so that we can all have a drink together to celebrate their wedding.

More pics from their wedding can be found here!

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