Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's that time again....

Well, it's once again time to play: Name That Tune! No in all seriousness, or silliness, when it comes to true hardcore music fans and musicians, the time has come around for the 2009 version of the Eurovision Song Contest, now in its 54th year.

Now let's go down to ringside here at the WMSC (World Mudslinging Song Contest) to hear he announcer's opening words. "In the right corner representing the host country of Russia, last year's Eurovision winner, we have from Ukraine, Anastasia Prykhodko singing Mamo. Her opponent in the left corner, formerly of Via Gra, Russia's T&A project for the 21st century, we have Svitlana Loboda!"

In all honesty folks, this is really what this whole thing has come down to, for all it's worth. In fact some Russians are fuming that a Ukrainian, would be representing them at this year's ESC and sing not in solely Russian or English for that matter, but heaven forbid, the chorus of her song in Ukrainian using the vocative case, which doesn't exist in the Russian language... You can read about the accusations of vote rigging at The Times Online.

As equally crazy is the fact that Georgia's ESC entry is a flash back to when disco was the craze, with a little bit of a new twist. It is mocking the name of the former Russian President Vladimir Putin, The Times Online reported it here. But just for a good laugh watch its right here for your vomiting pleasure.


  1. That disco tune is ok, but lacks the soul of the 70s. :-)

    Just a heads up to other readers who may find themselves on the Wikipedia entry on Via GRA you link to. When I clicked on Wikipedia's link to the Via GRA official site, I got a warning that there was malware at the site. So might be an idea to avoid it.

    From what you write, it might be an idea to avoid Eurovision as well ...

  2. Yes Pawlina I will agree, the tune is OK, however; while it may lack the soul of the 70s, it may not lack in the soul of whom it purports to be directed to, in that he seems to be returning that country to the same state it was in the 70s. Soul wise that is! :)