Monday, August 3, 2009

Hadiukyny's lead man passes

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While I have been silent for some time, this I cannot be silent about, as it touches anyone who followed Ukrainian contemporary music back in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Today through various sources - but primarily by word of mouth from a friend of mine from Ternopil, that the lead man of Braty Hadiukyny Serhiy Kuzmynsky passed away today. He was 46 years young.

According to the Hadiukyny website and other sources the cause of death was a malignant tumor of the larynx. Regardless, of what the cause of death was, a loss of life is still a lost of life and particularly at such a young age.

I recall so many of the songs that the Hady gave the Ukrainian music industry, and I was first introduced to them from cassettes from the first Chervona Ruta Festival back in 1989. Yes, that was twenty years ago! How time flies...

When I arrived in Ukraine for the first time in 1990, well albeit it was still part the USSR, I was here on invitation from Studentske bratstvo of L'viv. There wasn't a place that we did not go that we would hear our fellow student's singing Hadiukyny songs. To us it was something new, but it stuck! And it sticks to this day!

Unfortunately, many musicians who acquire a certain level of fame fall into the ills of the industry. In 1994, Kuzyu, as he was know by many of his fans and friends alike, left the group to Belgium to go through rehab for drug addiction.

May he Rest in Peace!


  1. What a loss! BH was one of my favourites, going back to the first incarnation of Nash Holos.

    Vichnaya Pam'yat!

  2. Vasylyu, thanx for the news, as sad as they are. I remember when, in 1991, I received a Braty Hadiukiny Cassett...what an eye, or should I say EAR, opener. The song that caught my attention immediately was "Rak-n-rol do Ranya", full of sarcasm and humor directed against the USSR. Serhiy Kuzmynsky will be sorely missed but will live forever through his music.

    This Thursday, on my Radioprogram, I will play some Hadiukyny selections in Serhiys memory...tune in on the net, if you can:, 3rd channell "Radiokanal Kultura" at 18:05 Kyiv time. It's live air so you can call in (+38044 239 62 95)and share your feelings re: this sad event.

    Roman "RadioRoman" Shwed

  3. Roman,when you talk about the sarcasm of that song you are absolutely dead on... I am sure there will people who will be tuning in, I will be off on Wednesday evening to "Fayno Misto Ternopil" and then off to L'viv and Striy(to check out hospital).

    I just don't want to be running into any Roksolyany like Serhiy sang about when I'm in L'viv.

  4. Just as I finished replying to RadioRoman on came BH's Arivaderci Roma.

  5. Arrivaderchi Roma is a fave of mine too. I'm not familiar with Rok-n-Rol do Ranya ... unless Roman meant Hey Zabava v eseseru. I'll be playing the latter on this Sunday's "Blast from the Past" on NH and will follow it up with something from a more recent album.