Monday, November 2, 2009

Andriy Valaha - RIP

Today, I received an e-mail from good friend of mine Myroslav Levytsky, it was not good news! The subject line read Andrij Valaha and that was it. The only time I receive such short messages they indicate bad news. The message was almost telegraphic: "he did not regain consciousness, Andriy Valaha died".

On October 30, 2009 Andriy suffered an aneurysm. This is the same thing which struck his musical career short after the Chervona Ruta festival in 1993. Andriy was the first fiddle/violin vocalist of Braty bluzu.

In 2001 in a visit to Kalush I lived with Andriy and his wife for a number of days and will always remember his spirit for life even though things were not easy, not being able to either play his violin nor sing with his friends.

May you Rest in Peace my friend.

Vichna yomu Pamjat'!

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