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Breeders of Xenophobia or the Big Lie Theory boys...

Not long ago one of my blog entries was entitled, “A different type of Ulster! Also run by Creoles”. Within that entry I noted that there are four K's which run current day Ukraine. A few days later, one of those Creoles, member of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Vadym Kolisnichenko, reared his ugly head in an open letter to Valeriy Khoroshkovsky, head of Ukraine's SBU (Sluzhba Bezpeky Ukrainyiny), the Security Service of Ukraine. The letter provoked a direct response from two friends of mine, Roman Chayka, host on Channel 5 and member of the group Mertviy Piven' (Dead Rooster) and well known singer of the group TNMK Oleksandr Polozhynskiy.

So what was it that irked each of these individuals in such a way that they would in turn would send a letter to one man who irked Chayka and another to the head man of Ukraine's security services, clearly a political appointment, and who under civilized conflict of interest legislation, if it existed, would not be in such a position as a business person?

A little background on the said, goon who wrote this letter. Mr. Kolesnichenko, is a member of a group, which earlier referred to as creoles, but he is also a member of the Russian Speaking Ukraine Council (Which I will later refer to as BLIG, and that will become evident as you read on.). While this group claims to be a human rights organization and the defenders of the Russian language, they seem to be more of a problem then a solution to a problem, which in all honesty doesn't exist. Believe me, having grown up in Montreal, Quebec during the October Crisis thirty years ago, the legal election of the separatists of the PQ and its pro-French I have a good grasp on language politics.

Talk to anyone who is a proud and conscientious Ukrainian, even if they are Russian speaking, and they never make an issue about language. It seems that it is only the creoles. Why, because of their xenophobic and vitriolic cries against anything that is Ukrainian, from language to history. This is the type of individual Mr. Kolosnichenko clearly portrays himself. While there are individuals that stand for something, and in his case, he claims to be for the Russian language; however, he does has an evil and outright xenophobic reaction to anything that is Ukrainian. He, like many others of the other creoles in Ukraine are those who not only are for the Russian language, they are also for causing dissent and hatred, where none exists. Does that not remind one of a man by the name of Goebbels?

Much, like the Soviets did in labeling those who fought against both Red Army and Nazi forces during the Second World War, as collaborators, forces which were exonerated by the Nuremberg Trials, Mr. Kolesnichenko is using similar tactics and untruths. Clearly he must have studied a re-write of Soviet/Russian history of the Nuremberg Trials, because the Russian language version was never published. Mr. Kolesnichenko is clearly one who subscribes to the Soviet and Russophile version of history and will do anything to besmirch the reputation not only of patriotic Ukrainians of the past, but will do anything to also use The Big Lie propaganda method and the use of disinformation to tarnish other Ukrainian citizens who are not against Russian as a language, but for the Ukrainian language and Ukraine's history that should be understood today's youth, and not only them, and not just dumped in the trash bin as the xenophobic Kolesnichenko would much rather do. Oddly enough, this man seems to be so against Nazism, though at the same time utilizes Nazi methods to stir up those who for the most part would not give a damn.

Since the creoles usurped power in Ukraine after the election, see On the importance of being candid, activities buy such individuals as Mr. Kolisnichenko have been on the rise in trying to undo everything that has been done to reveal the “true” history of Ukraine and not to hide behind what seems to be their favourite anti-Ukrainian slogan, “No to Nazism”. Which is in fact only window dressing, because Stalinism was no better than Nazism, and the values like those of Mr. Kolisnichenko's ilk have no place in Ukraine and should have should also not be tolerated. But he like other xenophobic individuals in power will use his position of immunity and impunity in Ukraine's parliament to sow the seeds of hatred. This individual should be considered persona non grata by the European Union and in all nations who

So now that I have kind of painted the not most endearing picture of Mr. Kolisnichenko, let's get down to the misinformation which he was spreading. The open letter I speak of above, which I will reproduce in part as as it appeared on the English version of the website of the above mentioned organization he is member of. Why such an organization really needs an English language version is beyond me, but clearly he understands that disinformation on individuals in Ukraine and of Ukraine is also important to his xenophobic and anti-Ukrainian shmutz that he is spewing forth.

The letter is clearly a provocation against a festival organized by Oles' Doniy called Haydamaka. According to some, this festival was to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Student Hunger Strike on Maidan in October of 1990, but also to serve as an educational forum about Ukraine's painful history. Mr. Koisnichenko's letter, states the following about the organizers:

“They also scheduled the distributing of nationalistic leaflets and books, lectures and meetings with well-known fanatically patriotic musicians, writers, politicians and public figures, and Ukrainian traditional martial arts master-classes.”

Now what is wrong with being fanatically patriot I wonder? It can't be more any more harmful than being anti-Ukrainian!

Then the authors of the letter start, using their Big Lie propaganda methods in order to simply cause shit, taking things out of context and even attributing a lyrics of a song to a group which never has had such a song in their repertoire. I'm sure you have all seen versions of this in any anti-group! They will take a snippet from something and use it to try to obfuscate the facts. First of all, who could every take the lyrics of a song called Hangover, completely seriously, particularly when you have the song from a bunch of guys who participated in the Red Bull Flugtag with an entry like this the one below. 

Copyright OT VINTA source group's website.
  Back in 2006 while doing some work with some artists who had had been absent from the Ukrainian music scene for some time I had dinner with Yurko Zhuravel, OT Vinta's front man, to get a better understanding of the local media in Rivne in order that I could better do my job. These, guys know who they are, they know their history and how to laugh at themselves. This is one thing that many Ukrainians have a problem with, particularly those who are of the homo soveticus mindset. Here are the lyrics which were carefully hand-picked and translated in order to live the Big Lie, with their bolding of what they wanted to draw attention to:

.Hey, navigator! Whose armored train is this below us?Are these Poles, Turks, German, or just Moskalі (Russian)?
Can see so bad, something’s stuck in my throat
Lets drop a bomb, well sort it out then!

The Big Lie Instigators Group (BLIG), took offense that the word Moskali below, which is pejorative in nature, but at the same time one must also take everything with a grain of salt, and in its historical context, or simply take it at face value. Its music and they were trying to find a rhyme! (Clearly lost in its translation.) If you took the time to understand that a Moskal could mean “a person who lost his roots because of the loss of their language” could one not also interpret this as one who chose to forget his language and his roots, and took on something else that was more convenient, just like the creoles that were defined in my past blog entry. We must not forget that in Tsarist Russia there were numerous attempts to eliminate the Ukrainian language, I don't think anyone in Ukraine is trying to eliminate the Russian language, nor is it under the threat of extinction, particularly at the hands of “fanatically patriotic musicians”!

The BLIGiots, then further attribute the following lyrics to the Ukrainian group Mertviy Piven'.

>I walk along Moscow,
And see the monument to Bandera,
Grand trident on the top of Kremlin,
And blue and yellow flag in the house
Grand monument to Dontsov
Petrіvka is without bars
Throughout I can hear our language,
And everyone likes my tommy gun.
Beautiful scenery is all around me,
Moskali (Russians) are hanged on wires
And I walk without aversion,
to Ghetto where yids (Jews) are screaming…

Clearly the lyrics are appalling, but once again these Ukrainophobe hate mongers are doing one thing and one thing only, disseminating their own lies which besmirch Ukrainian patriots, both living and dead, and are systemically trying to undermine Ukraine's image globally in doing so.

While these slime decided to spread disinformation two individuals known both in music circles and in Ukraine in general whom I mentioned above, Roman Chayka decided to confront the BLIGot and Oleksandr Polozhynsky decided to send a letter to the head of the SBU Mr. Khoroshkovsky. Each of them took a slightly different approach, though in terms of letting people know that they were displeased with the BLIGots, their letters made it into a number of different forums in which the BLIGots were exposed.

The first of those which I saw was a letter Roman Chayka decided to write Mr. Kolesnichenko directly about his methodology of spread such lies about the last mentioned song attributed to Mertviy Piven' which was not only disinformation it was an outright lie. Clearly, copies of this were probably sent out to the media in order to ensure that the world know. Thus wrote Roman Chayka:

I, Roman Chayka, a member of the group “Mertviy Piven'”, declare, that the song “And I stroll through Moscow” is not in the repertoire of the group “Mertviy Piven'” and never was.
In accordance to Article 1 on the Law of Ukraine “On Information” information in the context of this Law is interpreted as documented or published announcements about events or phenomena, which are taking place in society, the state and in its environment. 
Chayka then refers to the site and the information which was clearly disinformation, which attributed the said song to the group of which he is a member and has been since its early days over 21 years ago. Chayka then goes on to cite two other pieces of legislation: The Constitution of Ukraine and Ukraine's Civil Code which read. From this point forward I would like to quote Roman Chayka's letter verbatim:

Part 4 Article 32 of the Constitution of Ukraine notes: “Everyone is guaranteed judicial protection of their rights in clarifying doubtful information about themselves and members of their family and has the right to demand the alienation of any information, and als the right to compensation and moral damages done through the collection, accumulation and use and dissemination of such doubtful information”.

Part1, Article 277 of the Civil Code of Ukraine determines that a physical person, whose personal non-property rights were abrogated as a result of the dissemination of doubtful information about them and (or) members of their family, has the right to respond, and also to clarify this information.
The accusations put forth in the aforementioned “appeal” humiliate the honor and dignity of each citizen, member of the musical group “Mertviy Piven'” , and also cause damage to the business reputation of the collective.

In accordance with Part 7 Article 277 of the Civil Code of Ukraine the clarification of doubtful information is to be carried out in the same manner in which it was disseminated. As a result it is worth noting , that the clarification or the particular interpretation of the conditions of the case have as a goal to remove the negative influence of the said doubtful information and in such a similar manner renew the rights of those individuals who had them abrogated. Thus it is completely understood, that the response of the clarification or individual interpretation of the case must seize the equal audience with that, amongst which the doubtful information was distributed (in number, age, social status, sex and other.).

the immediate public clarification of the doubtful information regarding the group “Mertviy Piven'” and each member of the group from the AUO “HRA “Russian Language Ukraine” and particularly from the signatories of that appeal: People's Deputy of Ukraine Kolesnichenko Vadym Vasylovych, the President of the Jewish Forum of Ukraine, Monastyrsky A.I,, the head of the AUA “Obshchaya Tsel'” Bortnyk, R.O. To use the identical manner of disseminating this, but in particular the information that:”

Chayka then repeats the information that was disseminated by the BLIGots in that the group “Mertiviy Piven'” has such a song as mentioned above and that the words are those that the lead BLIGot published on their site. Chayka closes his letter to the chief BLIGot with:

"In the case that there is a refusal of a public clarification and an apology then we leave to ourselves the right for judicial procedures of complaint of the doubtful information and to defend our honor and dignity and to demand compensation for moral damage and damage to our business reputation."

The letter is signed by Chayka and members of the group. To this day there has been no public apology, nor do I think that Chayka expected one. But he clearly drew attention to the BLIGots and their ways a great more.

Another completely different approach to tackling such BLIGotry was taken by Oleksandr (Sashko, diminutive form) Polozhynsky and is a much more creative approach which in fact may have more weight in the long run, given the decision of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine on October first, which will in my opinion and that of many experts plunge Ukraine into legislative chaos. I will be posting a little more on that once I finish this musing which was started a few days before the Haydamaka Festival, which was dedicated to the Twentieth Anniversary of the Student Hunger Strike in Kyiv.

Sashko, decided to write the top man at the SBU regarding xenophobic tendencies in a slightly different twist. Clearly he was satirizing the way in which the State Security Service of Ukraine has been behaving lately, and just so that you get a taste of the two different approaches I will reproduce in translation excerpts of Sashko's letter to Valiery Ivanovych Khoroshkovsky.

It came to our attention, that on the territory of Ukraine,the Security Services, which you head, have in part honored, through the building of monuments, opening of museums, naming of streets, places of settlement, educational institutions and agricultural businesses, held thematic evenings, solemn concerts, meetings and other mass events (including through printing on the bank notes of the national currency), a former enemy of the state, nationalist and xenophobe, Shevchenko Taras Hryhoriovych.

"The so called creativity of the aforementioned Taras Hryhorovych – is a social stream of xenophobia, of aggressive nationalism, anarchistic militarism and direct calls for the physical ruination by Ukrainians of other nationalities without choice. Herewith Mr. Shevchenko cultivates, or more directly – plainly proposes the use of different types of steel weapons. As an example we can demonstrate this through a fragment of one of his texts:

What did we fight with the Poles for?
What did we do battle with the hordes?
Why did we with lances rake
The ribs of Moscovites?? Were sown,
And watered with ore...
And raked by sword.

"Particularly dangerous, in our view, are the works, in which the author overly realistically and truthfully describes the state of contemporary Ukraine. Here is one excerpt from the poem “The Plundered Grave”, in which this scribbler, finger-painter, this careerist, upstart, former serf, who through craftiness and intrigue found oneself in the highest circles of the capital's elite, humiliates citizens of Ukraine with contemptuous appeal to the “witless son”:

"You witless son!
Look now at your mother,
At your Nation,
How, she rocked you, she sang
About her misfortune,
How, in singing, she sobbed,
She peered for freedom...
…My steppes provisionally sold
To the Jew, to the mute,
My sons are abroad,
Working for strangers.
The Dnipro, my brother, is drying up,
Has forsaken me,
And my beloved graves
The Moscovite has plundered…
Let him dig, excavate,
He is not looking for what is his,
And in that time the exhumed
Let them grow
And they will help the Moscovite
Keep house,
And from the mother, in pieces
Remove her shirt.
To assist, brutally,
To torture the mother.

"As we can see, the author in now way can hold himself back neither from xenophobic rhetoric, nor from insults aimed at individuals, who not in word, but in action assist in the building of a new country on the territory of the former – archaic and disorderly – Ukraine!”

Sashko, continues with a number of examples drawn from Shevchenko's poetry to show how absurd the actions of the SBU have been of late and closes with one simple and final statement:

The included above texts do not respect the countless victims, who carried out crimes against the Ukrainian people throughout the history of its existence.

"Considering everything, laid out above, we ask You that you at least ensure the upholding of the Constitution of Ukraine.”
"With respect, citizen of Ukraine Polozhynsky, O. Ye, and I hope a countless number of other citizens.”

Sashko, being a contemporary type of individual also put this letter up on his blog. The reaction was mixed, with some even saying that he had lost it. But Sashko is a creative individual and I commend him for taking such an approach. Chayka's approach is no less valid but it really is time for all citizens to become more active against the quickly encroaching dictatorship in Ukraine.

While I had every intent of publishing this prior to the Haydamaka Festival mentioned above, life managed to sideline me, though it didn't sideline Neanderthals who wanted to disrupt the festival. Towards the end of this past week, law enforcement agencies said that they were still investigating the manner and that they had three different possible scenarios of what happened, however, the chances of justice being done are nil. While Ukraine was making progress, albeit slow progress in harmonizing its laws with those of Europe that progress clearly came to an abrupt halt on October 1, 2010. On that day the Constitutional Court rescinded the political reforms of 2004, and returned Ukraine's Constitution to the edition to which it was first ratified and giving the President of Ukraine greater powers, and as a result a greater possible for the abuse of power by the illegitimate government of Ukraine. In turn the President has called on Ukraine's Parliament to re-examine all legislation and to put it in line with the old version of the constitution. Some experts have already stated that this would put Ukraine into a state of legislative chaos, but it is in such chaos that the four K's that control Ukraine thrive and operate with impunity.

It is time that governments of the world start realizing what is actually going on Ukraine and not simply go with the status quo. While the world welcomed the hunger striking students in Kyiv twenty years ago, it seems to have forgotten Ukraine simply in order to make its own lives easier.

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