Monday, September 12, 2011

Special Ops? Who is she trying to kid?

When something goes wrong it seems that most Ukrainian public officials always try to find someone else to blame, and this in most cases, is due to one or two factors: The first being their pompousness and the second being their incredibly low level of professionalism, and I mean professionalism in all of aspects, one of which is moral.

When Ukraine's Presidential Administration was contacted regarding the issue of plagiarism in the incumbent “President's” book Opportunity Ukraine by many Ukrainian journalists trying to get to the bottom of the matter, it seemed like its spokes people would be mum on the issue. However, it didn't take long for Hanna Herman to break her silence, though not by offering an explanation, but by launching an assault on the journalists of Ukrainska Pravda who broke the story of about Ukraine's latest plagiarist and absurdist.

Not only did she launch an attract against journalists of Ukrainska Pravda, there were other media, agencies which, most likely due to pressure from the current regime, committed some of the big Public Relations gaffes in the light of this poorly thought out communications project.

The first of these was pointed out by one of the UP journalists who broke the story of plagiarism within Opportunity Ukraine when he brought it to his readers' attention that the TCH the news program of the 1+1 TV station had deleted a report on the plagiarism of the president and his highly paid professionals. According to Mickie Kennedy, founder of eReleases notes in his article “You Can’t Just Delete Online PR Gaffes” one should never delete PR Gaffes.

Secondly, don’t deny it. “Just apologize quickly and move on,” states Kennedy. So what does our legend in her own mind and the mind of those she works for do, she denies it, and goes one step further, she takes a stab at the Fourth Estate in society. Unlike Bohateryova who seemed to not “stress too much. [because] these types of stories tend to have very short self lives,” based not only of the advice of Kennedy but any PR professional. Bohateryova, or her speech writers, clearly lifted the words of Steve Jobs for her own purpose and remained as silent as a single butterfly in the night sky.

Herman, in her attack on one of the journalists, stated on her blog, “The absurdity of accusing someone for every paragraph in a so called “investigation” presented on UP … I have come to the conclusion...that this is a strike against me.” Yes, Ms. Herman apparently it is a strike against you and your lack of morality and respect for intellectual property, not to mention that it is impossible that the incumbent President is capable on his own of drafting anything close to what was lifted from the works of others. As some journalists have already stated, when he shows up with a package of papers in his own hand writing as the manuscript for the book, then maybe the civilized world will understand.

But what really took the cake in Ms. “Double-Speak” Herman, was the following phrase. “I am convinced, that for this special operation, serious strength was put behind it” and further states that a fair amount of monies were spent for such “disinformation” Ms. Herman, who are you trying to fool? Your financiers? It is clear in my eyes that you have become a pig at the trough of those with a lot of money, and you don't want to stop your feeding frenzy. Everything is very simple, not citing sources in any publication and passing it off as your own is a punishable offense in any civilized country.

Oh, I must apologize, not to you or the regime, but to those who respect the Rule of Law. You and all the other sold out cronies, can do anything you wish. The special operation that you speak of could only have been carried out by you personally, maybe you wanted to discredit the incumbent president and find favor with someone who would pay you more. We all know that THEY have no problem of bumping off their own when the time is right.

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