Sunday, January 1, 2012

A 2012 wish

To all my friends near and far,
The New Year is like wishing upon a star!
May that star bring you the strength to fulfill your dreams,
May you be healthy and strong, and that every day be filled with song.
May it be a melody which gives you all that you need to preserver
Moving forward in waters that are unknown without a touch of fear!
Take each day in stride and always know that you have many friends by your side.
Share with them your accomplishments, and consult them to overcome
The obstacles which alone seem insurmountable!
Together with others you will accomplish what alone is not always possible,
Look forward, learning lessons from the past
And as you pass each milestone of your plans, you will laugh -
Because not only you believed achieving your dreams,
But behind you stood your family, friends and the power of the Universe!
I wish you all the best! Stay safe and never succumb to the dark side!
Vasyl Pawlowsky Independent Consultant

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