Friday, November 29, 2013

Desparate measure of a desparate bandit

As I write this short blog, I would like to go back to something that I mentioned a number of years ago regarding a particular character by the name of Viktor Yanukovych. Anyone who has followed things in Ukraine clearly knows that there is nothing but Kangaroo Court justice in the country.

Some people even believe that the man with the name above is the president of one of Europe's largest countries. However, it is becoming even clearer today that even though he holds the position of president, his way of thinking as well as those who make up his Cabinet of Ministers is more criminal than anything that has anything to do with Europe or European values.

Today there is a gathering what are known as “titushky” in Kyiv, to basically  provoke and cause problems. Titushki are basically hired thugs, the kind of people Viktor Yanovych knows extremely well, given that is the way he thinks. There are close to five hundred such thugs who have been bussed into Kyiv – and one of its first victims was Dmytro Hnap of Hromadske Telebachennya (Public Television).

Beaten journalist from Public Television, Dmytro Hnap, Kyiv, November 29, 2013

Shortly thereafter member of Parliament Vyacheslav Kyrylenko tweeted the following:

His first and lower tweet reads:

If the “titushky” descend on the students and peaceful citizens on #Euromaidan the entire responsiblity will fall personally on the Minister of Internal Affairs.

His second and higher tweet reads. 

Because MIA knows about everything, were warned about everything including the "titushky" which they have basically taken under their own protection. Are you serving legally Mr. Zakharchenko? Or for whom are you working?
While what happens in Ukraine is an internal affair of Ukraine, it is time that Yanukovych and all the like minded criminals in his country be treated as such.

Their assets abroad should be frozen, they should not be accepted to travel to Canada, the USA or any European Union country or country that strives to be govern by the rule of law.

Vasyl Pawlowsky
Independent Consultant

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