Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Call to Ukrainians and Supporters of Ukraine to Look at Something New

The Ukrainian community regardless of where it is, is always looking for money to support the countless projects that are underway. This has even become more of a reality in the last year. It is time that the community try to find something new in social media. Just over two weeks ago I wrote a piece about a disruptive social network which would change the way things work in social media in that it would actually feed back to those who made that platform successful! I said that Tsū was disruptive and I think I was right for a whole 100%. It is time for us to look at something new.

In the last month since this new social platform, that pays its members to post, comment and share content, they have beaten any growth records of social media in the past. In fact it is pretty incredible. Within a month they have one MILLION members!

One of the founders Sebastian Sobczak has already released a campaign to support the drilling of a well in Africa for clean drinking water in a particular village. The platform that Mr. Sobczak and his team at Evacuation Complete LLC has developed is not just to make money but to do good. Raise money for its members who can then give to organizations of their choice either through the platform but in the very least make money by creating content, sharing it, liking it and commenting on it and that of other content creators.

The background

In the early stages of my examination of this extremely new platform I thought it was some time of MLM scheme. But in conferring with a number of social media gurus through reading their take on things, and reviewing Google Hangout video recordings, I understood that this was something completely different. It was then that I wrote my first piece on this new disruptive social network, that was for a change letting content creators maintain ownership of their content. This was and is something that other social networks use to drive advertising revenue, and profit from users publication.

The management company of Tsū is called Evacuation Complete LLC, and they have acquired, from my research, 7 million capital to become whatever they want to become based on their platform. If they choose to become another type of PayPal then so be it.

The platform that they are developing can truly empower many people, including the Ukrainian community if it so chooses to take part.

If the Ukrainian community doesn't take part we will be left behind the eight ball. I in less than three weeks have earned one dollar! And this is without a network to support me, it is simply based on sharing of content, my own or of others, up to eight times in a 24 hour period; liking other people's content, and making comments.

I believe that if Ukrainians came together on this platform we would simplify many matters of financing that which we are already crowd sourcing.

The Mechanism

One can only become a member of Tsū by being invited. When you are invited to Tsū , you become a child of the person who invited you. Like in any type of structure of developing relationships, it is expected that you too will invite others to join you in your venture. Unlike, MLM schemes where you have to pay money to do this, your decision to join Tsū costs you nothing but your agreement with the company and some type of positive relationship with the person who invited you into a PARTICIPATIVE EXCHANGE. Yes that is what makes the system work, cooperation and participation of your NETWORK. It works well for everyone involved. And trust me, it is important that you support your friends. We all have done this on Facebook and other social networks, but have we ever been paid to do this? I would like to see our community grow stronger due to this new Social Platform that is fair to its users!Ninety percent of the money it makes from advertisers, sponsors and partners goes back to the companies users/members.

I have invited people and organizations I know that are Pro-Ukrainian, and along the way I have met friends and followers that like what I post and share it. This is how we make money.

I have had some people that are scum of Moscovy make comments on what I was putting forth and and I had no problem turning them off. The thing that drives this social network is quality content. It's a completely new network, something that is disruptive and new, and I believe we as Ukrainians, and supporters of Ukraine should join it en mass.

How To React

Currently I have invited a few people and organizations that I know and who could use some support. While I would like many of you to join me as a child, I do not think this is the best way to support our community. Right now I have three or four different organizations or individuals that need support on what they are up to.

The first is EMPR – EuroMaidanPRmedia – Please join them at
The second is an artist and Ukrainian patriot - Serhiy Kolyada -
And third is Tyler Gooden – Film Maker – American supporting Ukrainian values -

Please do not hesitate to sign up under their positions or mine: .

I will provide everyone what I know about how things work. The primary matter is providing quality content, this is what drives the system. By the end of the third week of the platform's operation a great deal of spammers and people who look at this as a get-rich-quick scheme have been eliminated.

In working together and supporting one another the Ukrainian community can generate income from a system that is totally disruptive.

Anyone who joins the system I will provide information on how to use this system. Right now there are people who are making money. Our support of one another can help us make money and in turn help us to support the things we would like to support.

Vasyl Pawlowsky Independent Consultant

The commentary of this was first published on the site.

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