Monday, January 22, 2007

The Flit Gig - Great but not safe

In North America or probably anywhere else where the "Rule of Law" is followed there would have been at least one hundred and fifty fewer people than the three hundred and twenty who paid for tickets, plus the thirty or so who were in on invites. Before the gig even began a friend of mine said, "If there is ever a fire in this place, we are going to die!" Thank God nothing of that nature happened or I would not be writing this right now, but she was absolutely right.

While the gig was full of energy, and great the new Pyvna Bochka on Bohdana Kmelnytskoho could have turned into a tragedy. Why? If anything happened, like a fire for example, with as many people that were in the place, lack of clearly marked exits, and not to mention the imbibing of beer, people could have been crushed to death in their efforts of trying to get out. Thank God that that didn't happen!

One of the problem with Kyiv is the lack of venues that can accommodate between four hundred and a thousand people comfortably. The clubs for example that do exist do little to think of the safety of their clientèle and simply are too small. For the music industry to develop in a healthy manner in Ukraine, not only do Ukrainian content laws need to be developed and adhered to, but there is clearly a need for safe venues that will allow Ukraine's young talents to perform before their public.

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