Friday, January 26, 2007

A Happy Birthday To Myroslav Levytsky

Myroslav Levytsky, composer and lead man of Braty bluzu, which won the Grand Prix at the Chervona Ruta festival in 1993, turned 40-something today. The band's name is often confused in its meaning, and is translated as "Blues Brothers", but in fact it is a western Ukrainian expression which means to take one's jacket and go out on the town.

Levytsky has released three albums. The first self entitled CD was released in 2000. Shortly before that he had met Canadian Lionel Lodge at the Sziget Festival in Budapest, which led to working on a project called Music Without Borders together with Lionel and his friend Rens Newland - after performing the project in Linz, Austria on June 9, 2001 - Levytsky together with Newland put down the foundation of what would be his Vienna Woods album, and released it in 2002.

In 2004 Levytsky participated in the Banff Center for the Performing Arts professional development program, and as a result released his Session in Banff in the spring of 2005. Currently Levytsky is working on new material based on the Romeo and Juliet theme.

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