Thursday, February 22, 2007

Braty bluzu together with Rens Newland

While in L'viv on business I got a phone call from my good friend Myroslav Levytsky, composer and founder of Braty bluzu. He asked me if I would be in town on Thursday as he wanted to invite me to a concert he, his brother and Funk/Jazz guitarist Rens Newland will be performing at a private concert for the Association of Ukrainian Architects. He said, "You are down on the invite list as a member of the band!"

It will be interesting to hear Myroslav on keyboards, his brother Oleh on sax and Rens on guitar - together again. Last time I heard them all play together was back in January of 2003 when I helped Myroslav organize two concerts as part of a project we started together with Rens and our Canadian friend Lionel Lodge - the first at Ukrainian House and the second at Art Club 44, then belonging to Eric Aigner. Last fall Eric got pushed out of his restaurant club business by his local partners...

I will post a short review of the private gig tomorrow.

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