Thursday, February 22, 2007

Telnyk Sisters - Changes

While the Telnyuk Sisters toured cities of Western Ukraine in the middle of December to promote there new album the duet's producer Rostyslav Shtyn decided to hold back the release of the album. As he mentioned in an interview on "The question - is the form of presentation. In order that it be understood, in order to find a common circle of people. Because art - is a rocket, that has to fly, and not wait for centuries." Hence, their new album will include new forms that have not been heard before, at least from this duet.

After completion of the tour in December, a decision was made by Nazar Stryhun, Danapro Ltd's Director of Media relations to take on the position of Art Director for the Telnyuk Sisters and to leave Danapro.

In listening to the new form of the Telnyuk Sister's song Vechirnyk the video clip's producer Taras Khimych of Invert Pictures said, "This is a completely different sound! I think people are going to be surprised when they finally hear the album!" While he gave a thumbs up!

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