Friday, March 2, 2007

The money that is floating around

It seems that close to half a million has been invested in Tina Karol to date. Well I can say for certain, but I was watching an interview on one of the Ukrainian TV channels with one of the PR people for Tina Karol. The interviewee was good in that she persistently asked the person how much has been put behind the form Eurovision representative from Ukraine.

When asked if it was $100,000 she replied, "Mnoga Bolshe!" By the time the interviewee hit about $500,000 the PR person nodded and said "Yeah, about that much!"

The PR person for Ms. Karol clearly had to play by the rules, had she not alluded to the money that had been invested in Ms. Karol in the proper way she would now be looking for a job. Businessmen in Ukraine who get behind projects in Ukraine like to flaunt their money... The PR representative clearly was instructed never to reveal the sum, but not to look cheap either.

However, often the money that gets thrown around is not done so in the most wise fashion, nor with any strategy, hence: very little bang for the buck!

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