Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Komu Vnyz is on the road

Well it seems that some of the dinosaurs of Ukrainian Rock continue to do what they love. Andriy Sereda and Komu Vnyz will be performing in Ternopil on March 14. Well, maybe it is time that I take a little road trip, see some friends and family and try to catch the gig. That is if I can get off in the middle of the week!

I recall hearing the band's first big song Subotiv on tapes from the first Chervona Ruta festival held in Chernivtsi, the last time I saw them perform was during the Ukraine Without Kuchma protests held in front of Ukrainian House in 2001 on European Square in Kyiv. However, one of the most coincidental relationship with the band was when Yaroslav Melnyk of UkrMusic called me and asked me if I had Sereda's phone number. Later on that night I was sitting with some friends in the Drum and over a period of about 25 minutes each time we mentioned someone they would walk into the place... Guess who the third person to walk in was? You got it.. Andriy Sereda!

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