Tuesday, March 6, 2007

A Totally Different Sound

While I may not be able to make it to Ternopil on March 14 I have yet another option on the 13th. While not all of you may be familiar with her, I had the of meeting her at the release of Ochertyanyi Kit's last album some time in the early summer of 2006. After doing some interviews with the guys in the band as well as with Eduard Drach, I was approached by a young woman with a very pleasant smile. I recall seeing her on the bus that UkrMusic had rented to get people out to Trukhaniv Island for the launch party. She asked me if I was a journalist. "Well yes that is one of the things I do I replied!" She handed me her CD and then we chatted for a little while. I think I will definitely go to her concert. I would like to chat with her again.

Here real name is Maryna Yurasova and if you really want to add a few interesting Jazz arrangements of traditional Ukrainian music to your MP3 collection you ought to visit her website at

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  1. Lovely! Great fusion of jazz and traditional Ukrainian folk. I'll definitely be giving her airplay on Nash Holos!