Saturday, April 21, 2007

Festivals hampered by Political Situation

Just a little over a week ago I had to make a tough decision, but in retrospect it was the right one. I had been negotiating with a well known jazzman of Ukrainian heritage to participate in what was to be the 10th International Forum “Music of Youth” Festival of Contemporary Young Performers for little over six months - together with my partner and others involved we had to make a decision. A contract was to be signed in a few days!

Due to the current political situation we decided that we would not run the festival, and that it was time to let those involved know. We did and they were extremely understanding.

Yesterday, while having a drink with a new friend after work my business partner called. "We did the right thing by calling off the festival. I just saw a report on ICTV where there was in interview with one of the organizers of the Horowitz International Piano Competition. He said it was impossible for the competitors at the Philharmonic to concentrate with all the noise coming in from outside on European Square!" He then told me that this year's competition was being put off until a later date.

Today, there was one more confirmation of our proper decision when I had read that Oleh Skrypka said that they would be postponing the Rock Sich Festival to be held in May.

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