Monday, April 23, 2007

The will of the people

While Tantsi Zirkamy is a show which has helped 1+1 go to the top in the TV ratings, I consider it little more than kitsch which does little contribute to contemporary Ukrainian culture, the last episode over the weekend proved that no matter what the judges think Oleh Skrypka is going to the finals.

Many of the people involved in this show, and the formation of contemporary Ukrainian culture, are unfortunately former Communist Party aparatchicks, who during their time did everything they could to discredit Ukrainian culture. It seems that they continue to do this by pulling off shows like this one. While Oleh Skrypka now has a solid following why is this? One only has to look back of when they started out. Bands like Vopli Vidopliasova, Braty Hadiukyny and others, were bands that fit what the aparatchicks deemed as fitting the stereotype that was acceptable, and were given the opportunity to thrive and prosper. Some survived while others didn't. [The little venture into this area, requires much further examination which I plan to do in a future post!]

Well thanks to the following that Oleh Skrypka now has, they put it to the judges of Tansti Zirkamy

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