Saturday, April 7, 2007

An Orange Present During a Blue (R)evolution

A few days ago after a very long wait I receive a book from an Australian photographer friend of mine that is to be delivered to Victor Yushchenko.

The book is entitled A Portrait of a Revolution and its author Bohdan Warchomij has done an excellent job in capture that moments of history that has come to be known as the Orange Revolution. As I leafed through the pages of the non-standard format of the book, I could almost smell the fires that were burning on Khreschatyk over two years ago.

Many of the photographs from what I gather, and due to the format of the book, and knowing the author personally, were shot using a Hasellblad panoramic camera. The images are crisp and clear and full of contrasts - contrasts between the people and their environment, prior to and during the Orange Revolution.

If you were in Ukraine during that historic moment, you will surely want to pick this wonderful coffee table book up. It will surely bring back memories, and has captured in time the spirit of the Ukrainian people.


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