Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Roosting Pigeons...The newest duo to hit Ukraine

It turns out that even the animal kingdom has found out about that fact that were are looking for new talent.

Last night when I arrived home, my room mate Myroslav Levytsky says to me, "We have guests!" I asked, "Well where are they?" He pointed to the top of the door leading out on to our balcony. There on the top of the door were a pair of pigeons. "Didn't you try to get them out?" I asked him. "I tried but they keep on flying all over the place, and I figured that better let sleeping pigeons sleep or they will shit all over the place!"

He was right, but I started laughing quite hard and had to share this with friends, even though some of them were not pleased about getting an text message or e-mail at that time of day.

Tried getting some pics but none of them turned out, and figured that once dawn came they would be on there way.

This was the reaction I got from some, obviously the first response was a miss understanding of the words Holub and Hlubiy...

"Vasylku, are you all right those Yanukcovych types aren't bothering you are they?" came a phone call about five minutes after my text message.

"Oh wow, that's crazy alright!"

"...should feed about four!"
Followed by "Check out this site: from the same friend.

"Always something interesting in Ukraine!"

"If they are still there? I have a great recipe LOL!"

"I wouldn't be that optimistic if I were you ;)))
Get a weasel ASAP! :)))))))))"

"Count your blessings. St Seraphim of Sarov did - with a bear no less, and other visiting wild animals!"

They were up at about 6:30 this morning cooing away. Well they did leave within about half an hour, and I used the standard line. "Don't call us, we'll coo you!"


  1. упс, я знову дозволю собі "перевести стрілки"... була на концерті братів блюзу featuring Мар'яну Винницьку, було супер!! Мушу до неї зайти і нагадати про диск, який обіцяють ще з того концерту :T ...але світ тісний. Братам вітання!

  2. A good friend of mine Violet wrote me the following about the pigeons:

    "When I lived in Waterloo, I once went away for a conference for a week. When I came back, a pigeon had built a nest on my balcony and laid 2 eggs! What could I do? I couldn't kick out a mother with 2 kids. The dad dropped in occasionally to see his new offspring, but was otherwise uninvolved in their rearing.

    At the time, I was studying for my medieval German language and literature Comprehensive Exam, so I named the kids Gramoflanz and Gurnemanz. The mother was Gwendolyn (I remembered the name from a Bugs Bunny cartoon with two talking birds). Eventually, the youngins' learned to fly and left the nest. They left a horrendous pile of bird doodoo. It took a while to clean up.

    My advice: Keep your door closed!!! "

  3. And a Canadian journalist friend wrote:

    "Good luck with those shits birds... My advice: get a dog, preferably a smart one like this one: