Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Stina / The Wall - The First Ukrainian Rock Opera

In a comment to my post on A little music history Kasia brought up a jem of a topic. The first Ukrainian Rock Opera Stina, and mentioned that Ihor Bilozir was involved in it having read about it somewhere on the web. Ihor in fact was not involved in this project, and to answer Kasia's question as to whether Bilozir finished the conservatory or not. According to Rostyslav and his wife, Ihor indeed did finish his studies at the Conservatory in L'viv.

The facts of this incredible Ukrainian first are the following according to both my business partner Rostyslav Shtyn and other sources I have consulted after consulting with him.

Rostyslav told me that Stina was written based on a poem by Martsenkiaviczus) and was written by him together with Volodymyr Prasolenko and Yuriy Sayenko. According to Rostyslav it was written over a very short period of time, with Rostyslav providing the musical direction and dividing the work up between them. In a Kyiv studio Rostyslav put the complete work together and making adjustments where necessary.

Rostyslav told me it was a mix of rock, classical and experimental music, according to one source there were people who were in awe when they heard the completed result.

A video version of the Rock Opera was recorded for Lviv Television over a ten day period and was produced by Tetiana Mahar which also include some of Zhayvir experimental sounds including their version of Ivanku, Ivanku mentioned in an earlier post.

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