Monday, May 21, 2007

Ukrainian Music for Charity

Just over a year ago I was introduced to a fellow from Vienna Austria who is involved in an interesting project called East-Beat. At that time he asked me if I could help him contact various music labels and musicians here in Ukraine in order to do everything in a legal manner.

After a number of meetings with him we were able to get a number of agreements signed and things started moving forward and agreements to date have been signed to include the music of Vopli Vidopliassova, Iryna Bilyk,Haydamaky, Okean Elzy, Mandry, Marija Burmaka, Skrjabin, Nedilya and Ocheretyany Kit on the CD.

After a number of visits to Ukraine Fritz managed to get some great support of Oleh Skrypka.

Last week Fritz, was in Kyiv and we got together for some brainstorming on his project. Fritz also has an alter ego known as DJ Prutsky, working out of the Ost-Klub in Vienna, spinning Ukrainian artists and promoting Ukrainian music and artists.

The thing that pleases me the most is that Fritz is doing all this for charity, a Children's Hospital in Khersonska oblast near Odessa., and at the same time promoting Ukraine.

“I want to work for a substantial change in the way Westerners look at Ukraine. This includes also Western media. People in countries like Austria, Germany, France, UK should become much more aware of the fact that there is a country in Europe which can contribute a lot to the positive development of this continent in many ways. Lets get away from the simple, old-fashioned, biased view on the East, which goes back to Soviet times. Soviet Union is gone, Ukraine is here. This country is neither Soviet, nor is it Russia. Lets take a look on the many innovations Ukraine has to offer."

Friedrich Zindler, aka Fritz

I think that Fritz is doing a great job in what he is doing, and I hope that anyone who reads my blog will find a way to contribute to the project. Either in kind, by linking to the site, by sending a donation, or by purchasing the CD when it is available.


  1. This sounds like an incredible project, Vasyl! I'm more than happy to help however I can.

    Maybe we can discuss when you get here ... is your trip to Vancouver still on?

  2. Dear vasyl. What a great initiative - good on you and Fritz.

  3. Well little miss moi, maybe you should drop Fritz a note and encourage him... If you have any idea of how people can contribute frequent flyer miles to the project, Fritz would be more than happy to find out.