Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ukrainian musicians to descend on Budapest

Back in 1998 Myroslav Levytsky and Braty bluzu performed on the main stage at the Pepsi-Sziget Festival as the first Ukrainian group to perform. There he met Canadian Lionel Lodge which eventually led to work with both Lionel and Rens Newland on the Music Without Borders project.

Later on in 1999 Mandry headed off to Pepsi-Sziget.

Shortly thereafter, the festival dropped Pepsi from their name, I suspect their sponsorship contract had come to an end.

Last year Mad Heads XL made their way to the Sziget. At the time I had a little bit of a conflict with the Kyiv Post for claiming that they were the first Ukrainian group to perform at the festival. While the writer at the Kyiv Post tried to find all the Ukrainian bands who had performed at the festival, it was unfortunate that the festival's archive did not go very far back.

While they are still not listed on the official site yet, SUMNO.COM reported that that TNMK and Esthetic Education will both be featured in this year's line up of over 80 performers from all over the face of the planet.

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  1. I forgot to add one little thing...

    It has been confirmed that Gogol Bordello will be performing at Sziget.