Friday, November 16, 2007

Opening Horizons on Euro 2012

While music is the main topic of this blog there are time when we have to take a step back and look at things in a slightly different light.

In Cardiff, Wales on April 18, 2004, Michel Platini announced that Poland and Ukraine would be hosting the Euro-2012 Championships.

Today, on Skhidna Liha Rostyslav Shtyn and William Patrickovych take a look at what the whole Euro-2012 thing means to Ukraine, as they kick off a new cycle of shows dedicated the the European Football Championships, a little less than five years from now.


  1. Vasyl,

    Where can one listen to these programs?

  2. Orest,

    The show airs on Radio Continent, they say that the have a multimedia server but for some reason I have never been able to listen online. Their site is at