Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Right Sound

Last week it would have been great if I had managed to attend the Bryan Adams concert at Palats Sportu in Kyiv, but just to many things going on. I have heard nothing about how the show was or what the attendance was like, but at the same time it's not like there is ever a lot of talk about such things on radio here in Kyiv.

Though there was one tid-bit that crept out regarding the Enrique Iglesias concert some time earlier that week. It was brought to my attention that the show started two hours late due to the fact that all the equipment for the show was being trucked in from Moscow and was held up at the border. Yes, it seems that while there are a number of sound companies in Kyiv artists come in with their own equipment. This was the case during the Eurovision Song Competition in 2005 and seems to be the case with all major artists that come into this fair country.

So just when will this nation's capital have the right sound to cater to international stars. Could be waiting for some time I think.


  1. Most major bands tour with their own equipment (sound/lighting), stages and road crew.

    This is not unusual and quite the norm.

  2. Orest I understand that this is the norm; however, the prices that charge for tickets to concerts in Kyiv the seem to forget that the devil is in the details and starting a show two hours late just doesn't cut it.

  3. How much do they charge for tickets in Kyiv??

    There could have been all kinds of reasons for the delays that we are not aware of. This is Ukraine that we are talking about.

    Yes starting a show 2 hours late is not acceptable but it is better than the show not happening and then trying to get a refund.

  4. Orest,

    Ticket prices for concerts, particularly for Western artists, are usually extremely over inflated. From what I heard, the cheapest price for the Iglesias concert was 75 USD.

    On a similar note, I also heard from an extremely good source that the rental of Palats Ukrainy for an evening has a starting price of 60K USD.

    Yes there could have been many different reasons, and yes it is Ukraine and this is why detail is even more important when planning things here. You need to consider every single scenario that is possible.

  5. For the record ... (even if it is jumping in a tad late!)I think from a ticket-buyer's point of view, starting a show 2 hours late is indeed unacceptable.

    From a logistic POV, sure, things can go wrong. But the motto in showbiz is (or at least used to be) "The show must go on." If you're charging top dollar for tickets, you need to do whatever it takes to ensure it does. Otherwise, you're just an overpriced amateur.

    As for old pros, if they get sloppy figuring they have enough fame to coast on, they may eventually find themselves at standstill... or in a nosedive.