Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Chicken Festival?

While Orest over at Ukrainian Musical Matters has done a great summary of the different music festivals going on in Ukraine this summer I can't see how he forgot the Chicken Festival being held at the National Exposition Center of Ukraine on June 28!

Actually, today was the first time I heard of such a festival, or should I say, saw an advertisement for it as I descended down into the bowels of the Kyiv Metro this morning. As a form of BTL marketing, one of Ukraine's largest chicken producers Nasha Ryabab holding about 45% of the market and under the control of Ihor Kolomoysky's Pryvat group have decide to enlist V.V., Druha Rika, Tartak, Gaytana and Jankoi Brothers to pump their product. While I can't remember the exact date of the festival... I really don't think it will be as well attended as the many different festivals Orest has described.

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