Thursday, June 19, 2008

And there isn't just chicken!

Along with seeing posters for the Chicken Fest upon my descent into or ascent out of the Kyiv metro system, there has been one other poster that has been hard not to miss. It's the advert for an event called Trypilske Kolo eco-cultural festival, which will be taking place on the weekend of June 28-29 just outside of the town of Rzhyshchev which is located on the right bank of the Dnipro River, south of Obukhiv but north of Kaniv. For those who are interested I have included a map below:

The two day festival according to its website is conceptualized as being the following:

"The task of the festival is to awaken a live interest to historical heritage, in particular, that which was left to us by the Trypyllian culture, to provide alternative types of organized recreation for families and youth, to renew and integrate multifarious ethnic traditions into the contemporary world, integrating them with elements of contemporary achievements in the areas of culture, education, manufacturing, management and other spheres of people's lives. The festival integrates within itself, health, sport, musical, ecological, educational, presentational an other cultural-recreational and cultural-educational programs in the "ethno" style. The "TRYPILSKE KOLO" festival has a four year cycle, each festival year has a theme based on one of the four elements of nature: Water, Earth, Wind and Fire."

As it turns out this year's festival is in the Water cycle. Expected to perform on day one at 18:00 at the opening of the music program are: Dakha Brakha, AtmAsfera, Taruta, Rune, Rusychi, Spolokh, Vertep and Trigon from Moldova. The second, however there is no mention of a starting time, will feature: Zoryaniy korsar, PoliKarp,Tin' Sontsya, DrymbaDaDzyga, OSIMIRA, YoGurt and Ruslana.

So if you happen to be in the neighbourhood, or want to take a day trip out of Kyiv, check out this festival... and even get back to me about it and I will post your thoughts here. I unfortunately already have a commitment for that weekend, so no travel for me.

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