Friday, June 20, 2008

DrymbaDaDzyga or DDD

Quite some time ago at a local watering hole Dem Haydamaky's guitarist introduced me to a fellow by the name of Oleksandr Novichenko, bass player with a relatively new Ukrainian band called DrymbaDaDzyga.

A short while later Oleksandr comes over to me and hands me a CD, and like many things I stashed into my bag, only to pull it out a number days later. In exchange I handed him my business card. A few days later I popped it into the tray and took a listen.

About a week ago, as I was checking the queue of mail blocked by my SpamAssassin filters on my server, I noticed a name that looked familiar "Oleksandr Novichenko" I white listed it then and once I finish this post, I will have to answer him.

When I listen to anything new that I haven't heard before, I usually do it in a number of different steps. The first listen, just to get a feel for what the music is like. A few days later a second take, this time with a little more discretion. Listening to pieces once or twice give things some time to percolate into my system, like a good cup of coffee. This time however, it wasn't a few days later but more like a month ago... Been kind of busy...

Well as it turns out DDD was initiated by the same Oleksandr I was introduced to by Dem back in the spring of 2006, together with drummer Vitaliy Yermaka, guitarist Serhiy Khitusta, vocalist Inna Prokopchuk, and Serhiy Soloviy playing horn and drymba.

Since their inception the group has tried to meld the rich melodies of Ukrainian folk music with contemporary sounds including elements of SKA, funk and hard rock. The groups debut came in 2007 on the CD compilation "Yak ya liubliu Karpaty" (How I love the Carpathians), and premiered live about a year ago at last year's Kraina Mriy festival in Kyiv. After which they went on to perform as such Ukrainian festivals such as Slavske rock, the Pidkamin' festival as well as relatively new festivals such as the Etnoevolutsia and Rozhanitsa. Though many of there concerts have been abroad, primarily in Poland, at "Vatra Lugah" festival, "Letnia academia filmova", and the prestigious Przystanek Woodstock festival, which has been ongoing since 1995. Apparently from what I gather, they were a big success at last year's festival in Przystanek and will be performing there again this year at the beginning of August. But before that they will also be performing at the Trypilkske Kolo festival, as well as other festivals in Ukraine and Poland.

The five tracks on the CD include the songs, Suchka, Khrystos Narodyvsia, Schcho v Nediliu Piu, Barabasha and Kysil', the first and third of which you can listen to here along with two other songs entitled: Kolomiyka and Striltsi.

Photographs, included here were provided by Oleksandr on that CD and are both from the Przystanek Woodstock festival in 2007.

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