Saturday, July 19, 2008

Request for a Fest!

A couple of days ago I received an e-mail from someone in Edmonton requesting a listing of concerts, festivals and the like, in or near L'viv during the month of August. Unlike June and July which really is the period of most of the festivals that take place in Ukraine, August is a relatively dead month, though there are some exceptions. Were this person arriving before the end of July they would have the opportunity to hit two different festivals on the weekend of July 25-27, and both would be within her desired geographic location.

The first would be the Slavske Rock Festival running two stages, the day stage and the main stage, and a line up of a variety of groups from throughout Ukraine as well as groups from Germany, Great Britain, Italy and Sweden.

That same weekend, there is the Pid Kamin' festival with a line up of more Ukrainian bands, rather than a representation of bands from beyond Ukraine's borders.

However, once we get into the month of August, there are few festivals of note, but one which did pop up on my radar screen is the Levada Festival from August 1-3. Located between Stariy Sambir and Sambir on the shore of the Dnister River in L'vivska Oblast getting to the site should be relatively easy from L'viv by taking any of the different micro-bus route suggested here, to the Torchynovchi stop.

This festival will not only feature bands such as Skryabin, Rusychi, Orkestr Yanki Kozyr, Yukresh, Burdon, Dyvni, DrymbaDaDzyga and Berkut from Poland, but also include a youth folk group from Luhansk, but also a number of recreational activities including cycle tours, and a Deruny festival. Deryny are tasty potato pancakes for anyone who doesn't know.

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