Friday, July 11, 2008

High praise...

A few days ago I received a phone call from my pianist Ethella Chupryk, she was bubbling over with delight about some article that had appeared in one of the local papers in L'viv. Given the bad connection I thought I heard her say Postup but I was mistaken and never found the article she was referring to.

A day or two went by and then I received a text message from a friend saying the interview with Vlodymyr Kraynyev where he mentions Ethella was L'vivska Hazeta. Once again, the pitch the swing, strike two.

Today I dug around a bit more and found the following interview with Volodymyr Kraynyev, of course its in Ukrainian having been published in Subotnya Poshta.

But when asked about what he knew about the tradition of piano education in L'viv Kraynyev stated that of L'viv pianists from the middle generation he valued Oleksandr Slobodyanyk and from the younger generation, he is thrilled by Ethella Chupryk.

Now I understand why Ethella was so delighted. Such words from such a pianist are clearly high praise.

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