Friday, July 4, 2008

Mirror images.... not quite...

In a post just over two weeks ago I noted that it was Ukrainian pianist Ethella Chupryk's birthday, and somewhere along the way a good friend of mine Dirk Lustig, came up to me a the Krayina Mriy festival and says. "I was clicking all over your Multiply site to see where I could listen to the album you recorded with Ethella in Vancouver. Why did you tease me like that?"

I thought about it for a while and was trying to figure out what he was talking about, and then remembered that my blog posts here get mirrored on my Multiply blog... Well Dirk I hope are keeping up with things even though you are at some toy fair in London. Go visit Ethella's MySpace site and you will get a chance to have a listen to two compositions.

The first it called Barcarolla composed by Stanislav Lyudkevych, and the second is called Ildi composed by Yuriy Shtyn, known under the pseudonym Yurok during the days of the art-rock Amok project of Loony Pelen.

Dirk, and everyone else out there, enjoy!

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