Sunday, October 6, 2013

Digital antennaes, who are you kidding...

A few years back Canada along with other nations went to digital and High Definition and it took a bitof time before all channels were switched over, but given a limited budget and making the switch I opted for a converter. Spending money on a new TV made no sense to me at the time.

A signal is a signal and an antenna must be able to receive it. I can provide a perfect example of this in my own life experience.

A year ago I, my mother, had a new tennant moving into her flat that she rents out. When the change to digital happened in Canada all I did was to spend about $40 with tax on a converter box... I had told him that if he had a TV that was capable of receiving digital programming that all he would need would be the signal from an standard television antenna my father and I put up when I was like nearly twelve years old in 1974.

After all it worked for us once I installed a digital converter a week after the transition.

He was adamant, through whatever sources he had that he needed to purchase a "Digital" antenna. Back then I told him "V.. all you have to do is take the coaxial cable that is coming down the roof to your flat and attach it to your TV your signal will be fine!"

For the most part, I find that people don't listen! Sure they hear you, but they really don't listen!

Today was a perfect example of that... My mother's tenant calls me and says he has to install a new "digital" antenna! I examine the situation carefully, and after about standing on a ladder for about about fifteen minutes, I come to the conclusion that it is time to implement what I had suggested about a year ago.

Now because of that simple wisdom, and a simple approach, my mother's tenant has twenty-two channels on his HD TV. There are plenty of scam artists in the world, and the retailers that exist are just as guilty. He had a new "Digital Antenna" in his hands when he asked me to pull out a shorter ladder to help install it... Well he will be sending it back now... and had he been listening to what I said last year at this time, he would have spent less headache and less money and time on one of the biggest scams that have been happening in the last five years.

Vasyl Pawlowsky
Independent Consultant

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