Thursday, January 16, 2014

Black Thursday – Just How Much Scum Bags Want to Hold on to Power in Ukraine

Montreal. - In Ukraine the parliament of Ukraine passed a sweeping set of laws in order to curb democracy, freedom of speech and media, taking the country back into the middle ages in regards to just how people will be treated. I will list twenty-seven points that the new legislation which was rammed through Ukraine's Verkhovna Radada changes for the people of Ukraine and in all honesty anyone vistiting the country if the decide to by a SIM card to put in their phones in order to avoid exhorbitant roaming charges will be subject to control of your data by a foreign government/

Lets enumerate the new realities of Ukraine – as my friend V. Kipiani has said -Back to the USSR.j

1. For the movement of cars of more than five in a column the drivers will have their driver's licences and vehicles siezed for two years;
2. For the activity of an information agency without state registration – confiscationof techincal equipment and a large fine;
3. Breaking the law on peaceful gatherings up to ten days;
4. Participation in a meeting with a helmet, in some type of uniform, or with fire up to ten days;
5. The placement of tents or stages and even sound without the authorization of the militia up to fifteen days;
6. Disrespect for the courts – fifteen days;
7. Not accomodating the limiting of Internet access – a fine of 6800 UAH ( about 815 USD);
8. Not accomodating the “legal requests” of the SBU (Security Service or Ukraine) a fine over 2000 UAH;
9. There is no long a need of handing a person a notice of “legal abrogation” that is considered the abrogator (all that is required are so called “witnesses”);
10. Now there is no need for a person's signature, but “any other type of information” to [incriminate them]';
11. Blocking of the home of anyone (a totally new criminal norm) – Up to 6 years imprisonment;
12. Defamation (Has been returned to the Criminal Code!!!) - 3 years imprisonment;
13. The dissemination of extremist information (!!!) - 3- years imprisonment;
14. “Disturbance of public order by a group” - 2 years imprisonment;
15. MASSIVE DISTURBANCES- from ten to fifteen years – Any participant of Maidan could be subject to this law, and let's not even talk about other articles of this law;
16. The gathering of members of “Berkut”, judges, and other similar personages – 3 years imprisonment;
17. Threatening a person from the militia or a similar idividual – 7 years imprisonment;
18. Gathering information about a judge – 2 years imprisonment;
19. NGO's which recieve funding from abroad are now considered “foreign agents” they now must pay taxes on their support and officially call themselves “foreign agents”;
20. NGO's are not allowed to take on “extreme activities”;
21. Churches can not take on “extreme activities”;
22. The State can take the decision on THE BAN ON INTERNET ACCESS;
23. Civic unions are considered those that participate in political activities, if it desires to try to influence the organs of power, (if this is the case for such activities a request must be made to to the government to allow it to do so.)
24. A person can be judged (and in such a way to many years in prison) IN ABSENTIA, meaning they never had their day in court;
25. Regarding the abrogation of driving regulations one can now consider the owner of the vehicule if the infraction was fixated via automatic means;
26. They can remove the immunity of a people's deputy and provide the rite to arrest him without the examination of the appropriate committees – and instantly in a session of Parliament.
27. Berkut and public administration, who were responsible for events agains activists on Maidan, will not be punished.

In all honesty this makes me sick. This is such abrogation of democracy and the rule of law that the world should not stand by and shrug their shoulders. Whoever reads this, and remebers the times of the Soviet Union, take the couple of minutes to write your elected officialls. This is a very big step back for democracy.. and the criminal Yanukovych and his band of criminals will use this... One of the best things that could happen would be for SCM to be delisted from any exchange it is trading on... Many of us are tired of such BS that is happening in Ukraine and why can not corporations underdstand and make decisions that are viable and based on some principles other than just turning a buck!

Vasyl Pawlowsky
Independent Consultant

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