Friday, May 16, 2014

We Need Bigger Sticks Against Putin's Hypocrisy and His Twisted Reality

Today a headline from Reuters read, “Russia says EU sanctions will hurt Ukraine peace efforts”. Is it possible that the stick of sanctions has had some effect and are disrupting Putin's inner circle and that he fears even further sanctions, or is it that he simple wants the world to think that he can convince Kyiv that they should offer carrots to his own puppets or simple criminal elements in order come to a logical conclusion of the events that have transpired in Crimea, and most recently in the eastern oblasts of Donetsk and Luhansk.

Many who have followed the situation in Ukraine for the last six months are certain that sanctions came later than they should have. The sticks from Canada, the EU and the United States should had out early this year and not only after over one-hundred peaceful protesters lost their lives to the trigger men of the criminal Viktor Yanukovych.

Clearly this sends one simple signal to any intelligent reader. Moscow has always been involved in the crisis in Ukraine and will do nothing nor anything positive to bring peace to Eastern Ukraine. There is plenty of evidence that a large majority of people wearing St. George's ribbons in the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts are not even Ukrainian citizens. Where did they come from? They're clearly not Canadians or American citizens with Russian roots there to protect their brethren from the terrible treatment of Russians in Ukraine. So where to heck did they come from? Please tell Mr. Putin!

The dictator of Moscovia “suggested the Ukrainian election, which the government hopes will increase its legitimacy and control, will not be legitimate if people in the east are not confident their rights will be protected.” He says this through one side of his mouth, while through the other side he still has many political opponents either behind bars, or constantly under surveillance living under constant fear. He has eliminated freedom of speech and independent media, and ethnic Russians are in under greater threat by the regime than those who live in Ukraine, and this has long been the case.

While Putin and company have a very realistic economic problem at home maybe a few more big sticks would seem right against the doublespeak dictator. A press release from IHS Inc today noted - “Russia's economy, already likely in recession, will dampen further in the face of a deteriorating political situation; tougher sanctions; falling investor confidence; and a business climate worsened by fears of retaliation against western companies that produce in or sell to Russia."

While the conflict will not only hurt the economy of Moscovia, but to a degree others such as Finland, dependant on imports from its neighbour, and others like Italy and Spain who depend highly on imports from Muscovy. However, painful it will be for others countries which use sanctions against this despot, they must use much bigger sticks against this regime that has used its own fascists to not only cause unrest in Eastern Ukraine, but to undertake terrorist operations. No matter how much they or their terrorists friends like to deny a link with Moscovia, from what I understand, Ukraine still doesn't have any MercenariesRUs big box stores that sell armaments reserved strictly for the army of Moscovia. Sanctions have to get tougher. The civilized world needs to quickly economically beat the Tsar of Muscovy with bigger sticks, until he and his Tsardom's economy are total basket cases. In addition if there is anyway possible to strengthen their civil society which Tsar Putin has worked so hard to disassemble with his “foreign agent” legislation, arrests and violent means to hold on to his throne, then do it.

A little honesty would be nice

It is time that international media start calling a things what they actually are and stop hiding being a bunch of politically correct terms like pro-Russian separatists. Let me reminded you all the simplest definition of the world “terrorist”? It seems that none of the media which is using the PC term really understand what is going on in Ukraine. I don't blame the journalists who are on ground, I blame their editors sitting in the nice comfortable positions in some office far away from the dangers that unfortunately have become a daily way of life in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts.

Let me remind you of the basic definition, and to make sure its understood I will give you two versions:
the Oxford version: “The unofficial or unauthorized use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims:” and;

the Random House version: “the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.”
To the PC media, which of those two definitions does not apply to the murders of Volodymyr Rybak, Yuri Popravko, Valeriy Salo, and many others. Do you think these were random incidents? Or maybe they really they actually fit into one of the aforementioned definitions. Take the time to interview journalists that experienced the behavior of their captors, read terrorists, or read what they have already penned. After you have done so please try to explain that such tactics do not fit the definitions above.

Oddly enough when I review the news of events in particularly in Eastern Ukraine, it seems that the only media outlets that are clear in their labeling the people involved in this unrest are the Ukrainian ones, clearly referring to the politically correct term of Russian-separatists as terrorists. Seems to me that major international media and international wannabees run on the SOBBY principle. Basically if it's in Some Other Bugger's Back Yard it simply doesn't concern you, you are politically correct though you are wrong! Time to follow in the foot steps of the Ukrainian journalists and media who are telling it like it is! If you are depending on Muscovy Today for your news, also called RT for the uninitiated, you are reading off the wrong page.

A twisted reality

It is no secret that Moscovia is using trolls to disrupt anyone who doesn't follow their line on social media. Some reports that the Kremlin has a budget of $300 million for propaganda aimed a at the United States alone. Media control and propaganda in Moscovia now has reached far beyond way beyond the basic bullshit spun to those in living in the USSR during the height of the Cold War. I'm certain that Putin as a member of the KGB most likely studied right out of the books of the Goebbels School of Propaganda. While Moscovia Today was a project hatched back in 2005 as "a soft-power tool to improve Russia's image abroad, to counter the anti-Russian bias the Kremlin saw in the Western media," according to Julia Ioffe in a piece she penned for the Columbia Journalism Review. Since its inception it become a very good news fabrication outfit, particularly during the crisis which the Kremlin created. Having lost control over their criminal puppet Viktor Yanukovych and giving him refuge in Moscovia, the tool of soft-power would creat news, pay actors and outright lie to prove their annexation of Crimea and then further incursions into Eastern Ukraine.

The military know-how demonstrated by the so-called pro-russian separatists set off a few red flags when I saw the first reports and this was later confirmed by someone with a great deal more of knowledge of arms handling. Supreme Allied Commander Europe General Philip Breedlove noted that the men in the masks in different regions of Ukraine, were not the simple separatist off the street. Just one such example why they couldn't be was: “the weapon handling discipline and professional behavior of these forces is consistent with a trained military force. Rifle muzzles are pointed down, fingers not on triggers, but rather laid across trigger mechanisms,” noted Breedlove. These foreigner occupiers with the help of the criminal elements of Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts have now held farcical referenda held at the end of gun barrels. They work just as Yanukovych would, if you want absolution of any crimes committed, take over and rule as any other despot.

Though lets just take a look at one quick example of the twisted reality created by Putin and his collaborators in creating the fascist state of Moscovia and taking over neighboring territory by use of force. One can only laugh, or maybe cry! During a state visit by Uganda's foreign minister yesterday to Moscovia yesterday, Moscovia's corresponding minister took the opportunity to bad mouth Kyiv during a press conference. He accused Kyiv of blocking Muscovite television and that Ukraine and others are lying about the crisis in Ukraine and added. "They are trying to set up an information blockade and, with unbiased information closed off to viewers and radio listeners, run completely shameless lies." Though what really took the cake was his comment made about the role of foreign ambassadors and their professional role as diplomats. "The ambassadors in Moscow obviously see what Russian TV is showing in live broadcasts and I am sure they absolution to report to their capitals the facts they see live. Otherwise they would be doing a totally unprofessional job." Clearly those in the Kremlin are starting to believe their own propaganda and lies, or they are popping some very strange barbiturates with their vodka!

Vasyl Pawlowsky
Independent Consultant
The commentary of this was first published on site on May 13, 2014.

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