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Call out to President-Elect Petro Poroshenko

Exit polls are not an exact science, though from my years consulting with Democratic Initiatives Foundation, the first Ukrainian NGOs to ever use such a tool as form of control over elections, they are pretty damn accurate when properly designed and with an appropriate sample size. Given all the problems cause by one man by the name of Vladimir Putin. He can be considered one of the greatest threats to peace and environmental destruction in this world, and is clearly turning out to be a product of his dictatorial past as an agent of the KGB.

Today's elections in Ukraine where historic in many different ways. With two of Ukraine's eastern oblast of Luhansk and Donetsk being under the control of Russian sanctioned terrorists, voting in the industrial heartland of the country was next to non-existent – in Luhansk oblast only 2 of twelve Territorial Commissions have been able to set up and run, and in Donetsk there were only 7 of twenty-two according to official figures of the Central Electoral Commission on the morning of May 25 on election day.

In the mean time the newly formed independent region of Novorossia, led by pro-Russian anti-democratic and nothing short of criminal backed Oleh Tsariov, decided to burn ballots, destroy ballot boxes and continue to use terror to keep people from voting. This had been the modus operandi of those who have wanted to be self-proclaimed leaders in different districts of Eastern Ukraine.

The people have spoken - Moscovy continues with lies

Regardless of all the difficulties Ukrainians turned out en masse to vote. As I pen this voter turn out was sitting at 60.44% of all eligible voters. Let's just think of what it may have been if all those heavily armed people were wreaking havoc in the highly populated eastern oblasts of Ukraine. I have no doubt that number may have reached 67-72% of the eligible electorate. In Donetsk oblast only 12.04% of eligible voters were able to cast there ballots for a new and legitimate president.

Those stifiling the vote in Eastern Ukraine being three different types of individuals/groups. Firstly, they traitor/criminals who want to carve up the regional territory, this includes the douche bags like Tsariov and others elected to the Verkovna Rada. Though there are also the criminals who don't believe in the rule of law, and have no value for anything including life! Having had a few friends killed in Ukraine since independence it really doesn't surprise me how few valueless people live in Ukraine. The second group, are really those who shipped in to the region, just like in Crimea, by Moscovy – with top-of-the-line armaments and wearing the uniform of the Colorado Potato Beetle, in one simple little ribbon – which really means nothing but oppression to Ukrainians – regardless of the language they speak. The third group are the lazy good-for-nothings who have been brainwashed by Moscovy's propoganda, or are decendants of Russians suplanted in Ukraine after Stalin conducted his genocidal program against Ukraine and its people in 1932-33!

As in many elections before in Ukraine there were many, what are called technical candidates, though this seemed not to matter in any way at all. The most comical of these technical candidates where not those that were really as such, but which turned out to be a great slap in the face to the propoganda coming from Moscovy over the last six months!

'The hunta government of Kyiv is filled by fascists from the Right Sector and other fascists!”

All of Russia has been deprived of any type of independent media and this media has been the main source of information for many Russian speakers. The fear mongering from Moscow has been a seventy-year old story about people who fought for an independent Ukraine. They talk about Nazi-collaboraters. Yet according to some sources, the full report of the Nuremberg Trials were not publishes in their entirety by Moscow in order to discredit Ukrainian patriots.

There were a number of volumes which dealt with Nazi-collaborators which exonerated Ukrainians – members of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists both of the Bandera and Melnyk factions, though these were never published in the USSR!

Unlike, in Moscovy over the last nearly quarter of a century many of Ukraine's youth have been exposed ot their history. From the Holodomor, to the valiant efforts of those who fought both against the Nazi's and the Red Army and those who simply wanted to destroy the Ukrainian nation. I have friends amonst that group - including the acting MFA of Ukraine Andriy Deschytsia, and former diplomat Bohdan Yaremenko whom I both have known since before Ukraine's independence. I know many others individuals who are competent and have to be engaged now, and not used by political parties and exploiters. Unfortunately, there were political parties that tried to use this last Maidan in such a manner – and the resuls reveal who they are!

Yes, I've digressed! Though exit polls show us is that the “rabid facists” have garnered a great deal fewer votes then the propoganda machine of Moscovy predicted.

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

If you really believe the propoganda of RT – the “soft power” project of the Kremlin then let's take things one step further!

Today, Russia's first national televison program took their lies oe step further. Today, during a live broadcast and declared that the Right Sector presidential candidate Dmytro Yarosh had received 37% of the popular vote and the he had in fact won Ukrainian Presidential election.

Russian First National stating that Dmytro Yarosh won Ukraine's Presidential Election of May 25, 2014 with 37% of the popular vote!
Russian First National stating that Dmytro Yarosh won Ukraine's Presidential Election of May 25, 2014 with 37% of the popular vote![

This is so far from the truth that I have to wonder just how much is Tsar Putin going to try to continue his lies? Though this is not just directed to the world's newest dictator! I think that most of the independent media in the world to also understand the bullshit that you have been fed by Moscovy and even some of the big press agencies, who were never ready to tell the truth but to pull Moscovy's line. Calling those with Russian supplied armaments pro-Russian separatists, with gun-handling abilities that are only afforded to those with many years of military experience. In short, those media who have been misrepresenting what has really been going on in Crimea, and now in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts – forget it you are not jounalists but pawns of Mosovy!

When people are terrorized? What do you call those that terrorize them? Answer it yourselves!

I know that there are many journalists out on the line who can see this, but it is time for the editorial boards and management of media to start being honest! Unless of course the Kremlin has a controlling interest in your media.

All hoping for a new direction

One of the biggest problems in Ukraine in its nearly twenty-three years of independence has been the lack of reforms and following the rule-of-law. While they are still counting the votes I know Petro Poroshenko will be President. Though I have some questions to him as new leader and I hope he will do something to change it. Some journalists have been attacking him about divesting of his television company.

To a very great degree I can see where they are coming form, but they are being very narrow minded. Twenty years ago I spoke with young Ukrainian leaders and spoke to them about a number of pieces of legislation that would be a positive move towards a more demo-economic system. This included such things as anti-nepotism laws, conflict of interest laws, and transparency in all transactions. For Poroshenko to simply sell this media holding may in fact cause more problems then they can imagine without all the other legislation in Ukraine in place and being enforced.

Asking Poroshenko, or others who are politically involved under the current legislation of Ukraine to give up their control of any form of media would be a very dangerous and foolish step! Without the legislation in place that can properly contol many different problems in the sphere of press freedoms, conflict of interest, nepotism and other matters this would be detrimental to Ukraine's development.

Calling for a new generation

While Petro Poroshenko is not one without skeletons in his closet, I do have some reservations of the things I heard regarding much of the electoral campaign. Much of this was from people who would make statements that were very much along the lines used in Soviet times in order to discredit individuals.

This same method was used to vote for Petro Poroshenko. Why you ask? Many key intellectual persona would state – “He's a good person from the information I know!”

In this case, this was true – though Ukraine needs a total reformation and I hope that Poroshenko can make it happen.

In contemporary Ukrainian society it is just as easy as it was to disseminate a lie and a rumour during Soviet times. Say something to people in the metro or in a local watering hole and everyone will think you are either an informant for the FSB or CIA.. I know this form personal experience.. Thank you to an incopetent diplomat or someone on the payroll form Moscow from the EU.

However, a new generation must be built upon those who spent time working for Ukraine. There has to be revision of those who are trusted.

There has to be a review of what dual citizenship and privleges of those who want to build a nation has to function. Individuals who come into the country to discredit it should be arrested and eventually deported. We have a clear example of a sex-pat from the UK, who did nothing but look at Ukrainian women as those to exploit. We should all know who he is, and if you don't – ask here I'll you. However, I have a bit of a bias.

Mr President call on all specialists

Petro Oleksiyovych, we met once in passing in 2005 and I have pictures wth you. You know me from Adam, but I think I speak a great deal for many Ukrainians who grew up beyond Ukraine's borders. No one every really valued Ukrainians abroad! Do you? Do you care about how Ukrainians who are still Ukrainian citizens, and those who have been supporting Ukraine form as second and third generation Ukrainians? I hope you do!

You are very much aware of the unofficial anti-diaspora program that existed in order to ensure that transparency in business didn't exist in Ukraine. I personally understand this much better than many, I hope you can start ensuring business works on the basis of transperency.

I hope that this changes a great deal. I hope that young students, who are thoses who followed me in leadership positions in SUSK (Soiuz Ukrainskoho Studentsva Kanady). I was denied such opportunities because of the damn bureaucracy that existed and still exists – hiring incompetent idiots in Ukraine, and all the other, fucked up beauracracy that exists for individuals to invest in Ukraine.

I expect that you find a way to integrate Ukrainians from throughout the world who are top in their line and that the be conpensated for their speciality!

I know there are plenty of very qualified Ukrainians, though there is also a necessity to recompense those who have been screwed by other political leaders. I know many qualified indivduals in that sphere...

You have shown from what I have heard of paying employee's officially and not an envelope – time for all of Ukraine to work that way.

Dealing with Liar from Moscovy

It has become very clear that Moscovy has become a land of propogandistic lies. How should we be dealing with this? For the most part it will be the same way that the people of Ukraine have dealt with the lies and bull shit that thier polititions spew to them. While I was against Yanukovych's method's and non-judicial means of throwing Yulia Tymoshenko in prison, Ukrainians have clearly understood that her populusim was a lot of bullshit. I hope they from this day forward hold every politician from this day forth accountable for every single action they take.

Though the most important aspect of any democracy is the accountabilty of elected officials, and this being the case – the not yest president-elect has to introduce a bill which would eliminate the bullshit which has existed for the entire period of Ukraine's newly-found independence in 1991 – this concept of immunity of persecution of elected officials. That really has to be the first decision! With that decision – Ukraine will start to move forward – at least I an many others hope it will.

Once the rule of law is put into place and starts to function, then dealing with those liars to the northwest will be extremely easy. Petro Oleksiyovych – make these things happen. Find those who want to move as far away form Sovedepia as possible and help all Ukrainians to prosper. In doing so the motion will be set as an example and our neighbours will understand that this will come through a more liberal and all inclusive democracy, regardless of its limitations.

Today was not only a great day for Ukraine but for all the people in its neighbouring countries.

Yes, democracy is still not perfect, nor is capitalism for that matter, but if Ukrainians are open and extremely progressive – they will set a great number of examples for the entire planet. Particularly in the area of renewable resources – and in doing so giving Moscovy a good kick in the crotch for it's arcaic attitude of global affairs. If you understand where I'm coming from – there is no need for explanation. If you need an explanation – you are a simply a sovdep dinosaur and I could talk to you until I'm blue in the face – and that is not my desire! I've been doing this for the last quarter of a century!

Vasyl Pawlowsky
Independent Consultant
The commentary of this was first published on the site.

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