Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Russian Media: Lies or Truthful Bullshit

[This is meant to be a political satire, yeah right]

If there is any doubt in your mind about just how Russian media has become a propaganda tool until now, I hope that after you have read this that you will agree with me Russian media is following what I call the Goebbels School of Propaganda of Vladimir Putin. This has become even more evident with the events in South East Ukraine in the last couple of weeks. Though it started quite some time earlier when Russian medial was using a professional actress in different cities to simple play Putin's line on how hard Russians have it in Ukraine.She was in fact playing the roll of five different people. At the same time that this was going on the Goebbels School of Propaganda was claiming that Russians were fleeing Eastern Ukraine because they feared for their lives at the hands of the Ukrainian government which Moscow claimed was run by right-wing fascists;

From Julia Davis' "Russia's top 20 lies about Ukraine

As you can see from the captioning Juila Davis has done, this was not the eastern Ukrainian border but its western border with Poland. Soon after this there were other lies that would soon be unearthed. While Ms. Davis lists 20 lies, I am quite certain that mulitiplying that by a factor of five or even ten would probably be closer to the truth.

Being Canadian I follow national and local news just as carefully as I do events in Ukraine and anyone who knows me will tell you I have an incredible memory. Then I saw the image below online I immmediately recogonized it as one of Canada's major news stories during the summer of 2013 - the train derailment at Lac Mégantic. Clearly I wasn't the only one!

From Julia Davis' "Russia's top 20 lies about Ukraine
 This is clearly not Slovyansk in Eastern Ukraine!

Russian First National stating that Dmytro Yarosh won Ukraine's Presidential Election of May 25, 2014 with 37% of the popular vote! Russian First National television went out on a limb and clearly lied. It stated that Dmytro Yarosh won Ukraine's Presidential Election of May 25, 2014 with 37% of the popular vote!

The lies just never seems to stop. The level to which the go in order to try to justify their policy towards to Ukraine hit another low during the early presidential elections after the criminal president Viktor Yanukovych fled Ukraine to Russia, knowing very well that he had gone over the top and Caucescu's fate awaited him. They had ramped up their rhetoric to such a degree that they had the Right Sector's Dmytro Yarhosh wiinning the Presidential race on May 25, when the entire world was aware that Petro Porosenko was clealy ahead in the polls

I had previously mentioned how Russia's main TV channel had really gond over board with that one in my Call out to President Elect Petro Poronshenkko. When I saw this I knew our little Napoleanic liar and propaganda machine had hit a low that was never even hit by that bastard Walter Duranty.

In fact, even under criminal Yanukovych I had seen how the propaganda machine in Ukraine was being ramped up, this was no doubt in Putin's greater plan. Even at the begiinning of this year before the slaughter on Maidan, it was evenident that Ukraine under Yanukovych's hand picked government were taking a 25 year step back. Finally, while I've been telling friends of mine that propoaganda in Ruissia is now worse than during the Soviet Union, the BBC is reporting this yesterday.

Please Vladimir Putin, as my friend Alexander Motyl wrote earlier this week, “Ukraine about constitutions, democracy, legitimacy, and stability.” You, like all your cronies in Ukraine have been nothing but a bunch of plaigarists – however, you have taken bullshit to a completely new level. You not only sanction terrorism but you have created an entire army of journalistic prostitutes in order to wage war on the truth.

The early truth is the following, you like the deposed criminal president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych were never elected through a democratic manner, and thus you have started to implement many anti-democratic and anti-humanitarian laws in order to try to grab the average peaceful and progressive Russian citizen by the genitalia and crush them. You are a dictator! Your vision for Russia, I am certain, and I hope will lead to your demise, as a child of the corrupt and criminal Soviet Union. You held that thug and bandit under your control for some time... When are you, you criminal going to extradite him to Ukraine to stand trial for his pillaging of the Ukrainian people over his very short period in power? I know you knew of all his criminal past and kind of held him by the balls so that he would do as you wanted – the KGB Vova holding the criminal Vitya by the balls – I'm sure you liked being in that position.

Some historical facts – not Soviet bullshit

The world has in fact isolated you because of your insolence and will do so more if you don't do something to provent your criminal army from even approach your Southwesterm most border with Ukraine. You can not Vova hold something together that inherently should not be one grandiose halfbreed state of ass-kissers to the Mongol Khans. Your problem isn't Ukraine even though you think it is. You continue to incite hatred for Ukrainians who grew sick of living under the criminal regime of Yanukovych. You had to incite the lies created by your mentor Stalin about a group of freedom fighters led by Stepan Bandera and no doubt you always considered Banderites to be Nazi-collaborators. This was all set to rest in the civilized world during the Nuremburg Trials, and most if not all Banderites were vindicated of any War Crimes. However, from reliable sources those volumes of the Nuremburg Trials were never published in the Soviet Union. Wasn't that very convenient and a way in which to create myths and lies, as opposed telling the truth!

You have tried to distract everyone from Ukraine by being a good buddy of the Chinese and signing a major energy deal. Like always you try to make things look a lot greater then the really are, its all smoke and mirrors to you. That craziness has made its way into the greatest depths of your management structures in natural resources – this will be your demise. This being the case the Chinese will not only deal with you personally, but also with the territories that you have no legal claim to at all. Yes, Vova, you are probably wondering why you souldn't have legal claims to the lands beyond the Urals. You yourself disrespect borders of countries, so when you don't deliver on the energy deals with China, I hope the march in and take that from you. In fact there are parts of your vast land where there are already millions of Chinese citizens contributing to local economies. They are relatively in a better position than being in China, but that is only because none of your cronies have decided to tell you about them. The corruption you have bread is well understood by the Chinese nationals living on your territory, dealing in contraband and not to your knowledge – because your cronies have become sick of you wanting your unfair piece of the pie!

To tell the truth to the world or to your own people Vova really is a kick in the nuts, isn't it? The social problems that exist are extremely troublesome, but you would rather just sweep it all under the rug like in Soviet times. There was never sex in the Soviet Union, no alchoholics, no abusive husbands, no drug users, no gays and lesbians. Clearly you are trying to recreate the Soviet Union. We all know how that ended – failed state.

Vova, I don't have any hard facts, but with the number of men being slaughtered during your so Called Great Patriotic War – it wouldn't surprise me if there were very many lesbian relationships. Why would this be the case? Now Vova, the battles around Kyiv were perfect examples of commanding officers having no damn regard for human life. Ukraine, Russsia and all your slave colonies suffered to the degree that they did because of two things: 1) Incompetence of its commanders 2) A lack of of human values and the possibility of preseving human life. The only contribution you made to defeating Nazi German was by using your citizens as cannon fodder.

Vova, why to hell are you in Normandy this week? I know, as in the past, you are trying to creating more myths for the sheep you lead. “We had thousands there to defeat the fascists!” While at the same time your young group of thugs known as Nashi continue with neo-nazi type training which is not only racist but sanctioned by yours truly.

Nashi Khuyovi

In this contemporary world Vova have created your own version of Khuylo in Wonderland with your Nashi fascist neo-nazi like love ins. Don't think the world doesn't think your boys were not behind the brutal beating of Oleg Kashin a few years back. I must digress for my North American friends, take the time to watch the documentary called “Putin's Kiss” it is available in many places as it should be.

Surprisingly, I heard about his beating not from your full tilt propoganda projects of Ruptly and Russia Today – two instruments which are so distant from any journalistic integrity, but through my journalistic circles. For my friends in North America – you should know that it is that carries the bullshit that is put forth by Russia Today. My resources are limited, but togther with a number of individuals we can start to apply pressure to Pubic Television to put a stop of broadcasting this propagandistic garbage. Freedom House, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and other organizations who are are aware of Vova Putin's behaviour, can certainly, with their social reach do at least one thing. Ensure that Public Television stations in the United States which re-broadcast Russia Today let their viewers know how the content of Russia Today is produced, who it is backed by, and show just how unjournalistic this program is and most of us just can no long tolerate the lies of Russian media.

Personally, I like many other media watchers, watch the drivel of Russia Today in order to better understand the propaganda and to learn more of the web of lies being spun by MadVlad. It has become clear to me that Putin and all his buddies are Nazi lovers and are using the Goebbels School of Propaganda in order to fulfil their fascist fantasies. I think it is about time that American's and global purchasers of their blatant lies start to review what they are really buying from your propaganda machine?

I've met many Russians over the last quarter of a century or more. Mr. Khuylo ....yes, Vova pay attention I'm talking to you. These Russians are not like you or anything you try to portray them to be. I and most of the civilized world understands that you have most of your citizens by the short and curlies. You have created laws and implemented them to protect your “people” from the evils of other forms of Slavic Christianity and heaven forbid, any other religion. Not to mention the basic human values that real democracies expouse. Too often we have heard the following drivel: “You have particularities in your democratic system.” You may be able to fool a lot of your own people, though you fooled neither Anna Politkovskaya, Sergei Magnitsky nor Oleg Kashin – and when you knew they were getting just a little too close to the truth you and your minions sanctioned their elimination or beating.

Oh, by the way Mr. Khuylo, remember, when you were a little piece of shit with the KGB.... Were you not an athiest then Mr. Khuylo? Of course you were! And like in the past the KGB/FSB employ's the Russian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate. You my little religious-androgonous piece of shit you continue to abuse the same structures!

You and the traitor of Ukraine Oleh Tsariov – who now has a bounty on his head of $500,000 are really expendable. You like to pretend you are above everything – above the law, but if you are a Christian – it is clear you are going to hell along with many of the FSB operatives of the Moscow Patriarchate of the Orthodox Church. In fact, I do hope that the doucebag Tsariov is captured... and tried, because he, like your type, have loved to abscond with funds that were meant for other public matters. I'm a cruel bastard Mr. Khuylo...I'm sure you will like to know the way I would like him punished!

Even though June 6, was established as Day of the Journalist back in Soviet times, I can't see anything real for those who call themselves journalists in Russia to have anything to celebrate today. You have become their pimp and you tell them whether they are allowed to open their legs for, who they are to have as clients - it seems that they only serve you.

Double Standard Traitor

Hey, Mr. Khuylo... and dictator of the Russian Federation – by the way there are fifteen revolts starting up in your “Federation”! Are you aware of them? Don't worry! You're fucked in a matter of time!
While you look at Moscow as some type of bastion of Eastern Orthodox Christianity. Moscow is nothing... it was created simply by being a little prostitute to the Mongols who were truly sodomizing your Moscovite women, your boys and your men. However, rather than fight – you gave in and became little pieces of shit of the Mongol Empire! It took a few centuries, but you bastards figured it out! You had become people of the Steppe and you were not Slav's in any way! The crap that you Mr. Khuylo have been putting down on good Russians who think they are Slavic people.

Have you ever wondered why your folk can't understand squat when speaking to Slovaks, Poles, Belarusians... you keep on trying to affirm that you the “older brother” of the Slavic people... Mr. Khuylo the arguements of you being Slavic people for you and all your followers doesn't hold water. Russians have been lied to by Moscovy for the last four to five hundred years.

The Russian language has no relationship to other Slavic languages, and the sooner you give up this lie the better off you will be! I know, you are of the school never give up on your lies. The idiots of the world believe this, while Ukainians have been taught from their childhood not to tell lies – and then you don't have to tell more lies to back up the previous lies. Vova – can you not break with the centuries of lies? No, of course not – it's all about perpetuating a myth. If the world knew that there was never a great Russian Empire, you, as a little Napoleon would become nothing in front of your people. Here lies your problem – you try to create a myth that doesn't exist – instead of forgetting about your false Russian missions. There is no need to be a fascist-nationalist as you have been. You have robbed everything you need in your life... time to fucking give back to your people. Stop your stupid anti-foreign organizaions and there is a chance ou won't go to HELL – time will tell for you and the entire Moscow Patriarchate of the Orthodox Church!

The lies created over the last couple of centuries... will lead to HELL! If you don't believe in such a place it really doesn't matter because history will remember you not as the saviour of your people but your people will spit on you and anyting associated with you will be verboden as symbols of nazism are in a contemporary Germany!

Vasyl Pawlowsky
Independent Consultant
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