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Liars of Moscovy - Myths debunked

History as it should be written and not as it has been by the liars of Moscovy for close to the last half millenium. I don't want to take credit for this document, but it was posted in its original language of Russian, by a good friend of mine on Facebook. When I tried to find the original author I couldn't; however I found the original document posted on thousands of different forums. I took the the time to verify as many of these facts as possible and added some addition information from some of the research I did.

Below my translation from the Russian language, you will find the original document as posted by my friend in Kyiv.

Let the Russians refute these 10 facts:

1. The state called – Muscovy was renamed to Russia by Tsar Peter 1 only in the 18th century, in 1721.

2. A tribe called the river flowing through the region Moskva, in the Moksha language this can be translated to mean “dirty water”. There is no other language in the world which can translate this word. The word - “kremlin” is a Tartar word which means “a fortification on a hill”.

3. In the Middle Ages all European cartographers worked and created their maps all the way to the borders of Rus' (Rus' – is the territory of contemporary Ukraine!) The Ulus (a turko-mongolian sociological term which delinates a particular group of people) of Moscovy, with its Finnish people, had always been designated as part of the Horde and Europe appropriately considered it to be part of Asia.

4. Moscovy (Russia) paid tribute to the Crimean Khan(!!!!!), its sovereign and their Host, who was a successor of the Golden Horde until 1700. The Tsar of Moscovy met with the Crimean ambassador on Poklannaya Hill who was on horseback, while the Tsar was on foot leading the horse by the bridle to the Kremlin, once inside he sat the ambassador on the throne and knelt before him.

5. In Moscovy in the year 1610, the dynasty of Genghis Khan came to an end Morza Gudun – better known to the world as Boris Gudunov, and then throned Alexey Koshka an ancestor of the Finnish Kobyla family, and in marrying him to the church they renamed him and gave him the surname Romanov, as if he had come from Rome to rule over Moscovy!

6. Catherine the Second, after the end of the rule of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1795, made a decree that all the Finno-Urgic tribes of Moscovy to be named socalled Great Russians while the Ruthenians or true Rus people to be called Little Russians!

7. No one ever saw the original agreement of Peryaslav of 1654 which was allgedly signed by Bohdan Khmelnytsky and the emissaries of Tsar Alexey of the created Romanovs!?

8. For many centuries, archaeologosts have tried to locate artifacts which would confirm the location of the Battle of Kulikovo, though searches have proven fruitless in proving that such a battle of Dmitri Dontsov being victorious over Mamai ever took place. To date it is but a myth created based on the finding of a few artifacts by a procurator of the Most Holy Synod, on Stepan Nechayev. Such a position allowed him to create any myth he chose. So until now this myth of the battle has been bellowed out, though there is little proof it ever took place!

9. The Pskov, Novgorod and Smolenks oblasts of Russia – were all former principalities Slavic- Rus Kingdom and had nothing to do with Finno-Urgic Moscovy, whilst they were respectively occupied by the Horde in 1462, 1478 and 1654. And Slavic tribes or peoples never lived in other areas of Moscovy, the present Russian Federation.

10. The Golden Horde and her daughter - Muscovy – were the only nations in the world that ever enslaved their own people. This explains the eternal backwardness of Moscovy which is so rich in natural resources as compared to European countries which are at a disadvantage when it comes to thse resources. Indeed, the efficiency of free people is much higher than that of slaves...

One of my followers on Twitter commented that this write up reminded him of a particular song. So I would like to include that video here for all who follow my museable musings here and who understand Ukrainian you will agree with my friend on Twitter.

Пусть россияне опровергнут эти 10 фактов:

1. Державу с названием - Московия царь Петр 1 переименовал в Россию, аж в 18 веке, в 1721 году.

2. Племя Мокши назвало свою речку Москва,а перевод этого названия, с языка Мокши, звучит как "грязная вода". Любые другие языки Мира не могут перевести слово Москва. Слово "кремль"- татарское и обозначает укрепления на возвышенности.

З. В средние века все картографы Европы писали и проводили границу Европы вдоль границ Руси (Русь - это территория нынешней Украины!!!) Московия - улус, со своими финскими народами, всегда была составляющей Орды и ее Европа справедливо относила к Азии.

4. Московия (Россия) платила дань Крымскому Хану(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), своему СУВЕРЕНУ и ХОЗЯИНУ ,который был правоприемником Золотой Орды, вплоть до 1700 года. Царь Московии встречал крымского посла на Поклонной горе, садил его на своего коня, сам пешим, под узду, вел коня с крымским послом в Кремль,
садил его на свой трон и вставал перед ним на колени!?

5. В 1610 году, в Московии на Борисе Годунове (мурза Гудун) закончилась династия Ченгиз идов (родственник Чингисхана) и на трон возвели Алексея Кошку с финского рода Кобылы, а при венчании его на Царство церковь дала ему фамилию Романов, якобы прибывший с Рима править Московией!

6. Екатерина 2-я, после оккупации последней свободной Руськой Державы-Великого Княжества Литовского (тер. Беларуси) в 1795 г., своим приказом велела назвать угро-финские племена Московии какими-то великороссами, а украинцев - истинных русичей – малороссами!

7. Никто и никогда не видел в оригинале договор о воссоединении между Московией и Украиной якобы подписанный Б.Хмельницким и Царем А.Романовым!?

8. Уже несколько столетий археологи Московии ищут артефакты подтверждающие достоверность Куликовской битвы, но пока безуспешно, вот только басню о победе Д.Донского над Мамаем распевают до сих пор, на все

9. Псковская, Новгородская, Смоленская области России,- это бывшие славяно-руськие Княжества и до угро-финской Московии не имели никакого отношения, покуда Московия - Орда не оккупировала их соответственно в 1462, в 1478, и в 1654 годах. А в других областях РФ (Московии) никогда не обитали славянские племена и народы.

10. Золотая Орда и ее дочь - Московия,- это единственные страны Мира, которые держали в рабах собственный народ. Это и объясняет вечную отсталость богатой на природные ископаемые Московию от сравнительно обделенных на природные ресурсы европейских стран. Ведь эффективность работы свободных людей гораздо выше, чем рабов...

Vasyl Pawlowsky

 Independent Consultant
The commentary of this was first published on site.

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